$ 25.00

Jaydacators are made from balsa wood rather than foam or plastic, so they float high and never puncture. These are the most durable indicators on the market, and will last most anglers many years. They come with toothpicks and instructions on how to attach them to your line using different methods.

3 per package

Small – Blue/Pink

Medium – White/Pink

Large – Yellow/Pink



In Truckee, CA, Jason Cockrum, invented the Jaydacators a few years ago. These hand-turned balsa wood Indicators float true and detect even the slightest grab. Chances are if you’ve fished with a California guide at any point you’ve fished these awesome pieces of high floating wood, and once you’ve tried them it’s hard to go back to a thingamabobber.

These come in Small (Blue/Pink), Medium (Pink/White) and Large (Pink/Yellow).

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Jaydacator Size

Small, Medium, Large

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