One of the unique aspects of our area rivers is we consistently produce some of the largest trout in the world even though they never reach the sea. Whether it be dry fly, nymph or streamer, our waters offer quality year round fly fishing. Here are some of the waters that we feel are worth the time to explore and are excited to share our knowledge about with you.

Truckee River

The Truckee River, just 110 miles long, starting in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada’s and ending in the desert of Northern Nevada continues to produce the largest trout in the Lower 48. Fly fisherman commonly divide the river into two reaches – East & West. The Reno Fly Shop falls on that dividing line and is walking distance of the river. Not only do we fly fish the Truckee River consistently, we work next to it as well. We live this river.

From Tahoe to downtown Reno, the West Truckee fishes like a freestone river. It is steep, fast and cold. Dry fly fishing with Green Drakes and March Browns can result in  trophy trout. Double nymph rigs are used year round in the hunt for large Brown trout. From pristine Sierra wilderness to urban fly fishing the West Truckee River has something for everyone.

Fly recommendations – Olive Stimulator, Carot, Red Perdigon, Elk Hair Caddis

Starting at the Reno Fly Shop and ending at Derby Dam, the East fishes more like a large western river. Open floodplains, cottonwood and sagebrush banks hides world class Rainbow and Brown trout fly fishing. Blue Wing Olive and baetis in the winter and big crayfish patterns in the summer are safe bets to land monster fish.

Fly recommendations – Mini Crayfish, Black Copper John, CDC Spinner

Fishing Truckee River and Little Truckee

Little Truckee

Classic western tailwater stream with big trout best describes the Little Truckee. A Fall spawn of Kokanee brings large Lake trout up to feed. This is the perfect place to hunt big fish. The Green Drake hatch is mythical if you catch it. Sight fishing and patience can provide an angler with an experience to remember. A perfect stretch of water for a guided trip.

Fly recommendations – Rusty Spinner, Para PMD, Last Chance Spinner

Fishing the Little Truckee River

Carson River

One of the West’s last free flowing rivers. It’s history is as colorful as the trout it holds. A favorite fishing spot of Mark Twain and a layover for the Pony Express are just a few reasons why this stretch of water is so legendary. The only multi day float trips to be found in the Eastern Sierras. It’s tributaries possess the world’s rarest trout, the Piaute Cutthroat. Rainbow and Cutthroats are catchable all year long with Summer being the best time to fish. Try a hopper-dropper in Hope Valley on the West Fork of the Carson.

Fly recommendations – Jigged Assasin, Anato-May, Quasimodo, Headlight Yellow Sally, Elk Hair Caddis

Walker River

The West Walker fishes like an alpine stream as it wanders through Pickle Meadow. The East behaves more like a desert tailwater below Bridgeport Revisor to the Rosachi Ranch. If you like big Brown trout raised on scuds then fishing the East Walker is for you. Dry fly fishing with hoppers can pay big dividends.

Fly recommendations – Tung Brush Hog, Squirmy Wormy, Klinkhammer Adams, Pat’s Rubber Leg Stonefly

Fishing Carson River and Walker River