The East Walker (EW) flows out of Bridgeport Reservoir and flows southeast towards the Nevada border (2 hours south of Reno). The river meanders downhill through beautiful meadows and canyons while the Sweetwater range towers above. Most notably, the “EW” is home to a large population of surprisingly large brown trout. Sacramento Perch get flushed out of Bridgeport Reservoir and provide an easy meal as they tumble down stream. The EW is also home to many small baitfish and large aquatic insects (golden stones). In summary, this river is the place to be when targeting big aggressive brown trout. 


Spring (March-May)

Spring on the EW varies year to year. In low water years, Nymph and dry fly fishing can be unbelievably productive. A host of insects and forage pack the river to the brim. In high water periods, the streamer fishing can be phenomenal… stories of 30-50 fish days on streamers is surprisingly common. 

Summer (June-August)

During summer, the fishing is as hot as the desert that surrounds the river. Water temps rise and the fish will move down an entire run just to get a small break from the heat. In the summer, caddis are the favorite insect of most trout here. If fishing the small bug doesn’t do it for you, crayfish and the biggest streamer in your box are the most promising way to catch a trophy.

Fall (September-November)

Streamers, streamers, streamers. Tell your friends. This time of year on the EW offers the best streamer fishing in our area besides the Truckee River. As the brown trout go into pre spawn mode, they become incredibly aggressive. One of our favorite ways to fish this time of year is with a mouse fly or floating baitfish on a floating line. This style of streamer fishing will entice some of the most exciting grabs of a lifetime.

Winter (January-February)

Winter on the EW can be hit or miss. Success during this time of year largely depends on flows coming out of Bridgeport Reservoir. If flows fall below 40 CFS, the water temps drop dramatically, and it shuts off for the most part. On the flip side, if flows stay above 40 CFS, the blue wing olives


As noted above, streamer fishing is hard to beat on this river. Whether fished on a sink tip or on an ESN rod, the streamer bite is hard to beat. The fish on the EW are reactive and quick to eat a fly, so just about every decent presentation can get a strike. This is a favorite among locals willing to do a day trip.


The following are some of the flies we suggest for success in this area.

They can be purchased directly through our site via the links below, or at the shop.

Masked Maurader, Mylar Prince, San Juan Worm, EC Caddis

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