Indian Creek Reservoir

Fly Fishing Indian Creek Reservoir

Indian Creek Reservoir (ICR) is a beautiful lake tucked in between the towns of Markleeville and Woodfords, Ca. Only an hour and fifteen minutes south of Reno, ICR offers premier chironomid and damsel fishing. The west side of the lake from the boat ramp to the southernmost dam provides a steep drop off and gives shore anglers access to deeper water. The south end of the lake is shallow and weedy, providing ideal habitat for damsels and other insects throughout the summer. Rainbow and Lahontan Cutthroat inhabit ICR, making it one of our best local stillwaters. The wind often creeps up in the late morning and by mid afternoon, anglers vacate the reservoir.


Spring (March-May)

As soon as ice off occurs, Chironomid fishing in 8-15ft of water is phenomenal. The trout are hungry after a long winter under the ice and are willing to take any fly of the right size presented at the right depth. The straightaway to the northwest side of the boat ramp often fishes best and offers protection from the late morning breeze. If fishing from a boat, find the right depth (listed above) and anchor if possible. Setting up an indicator rig with two chironomids presented right above the bottom is the best bet for a few grabs. After the first few weeks of ice off, these trout become more aggressive and will gladly take a balanced leech of the right size. While the water remains cold, indicator rigs will be the best way to go.

Summer (June-August)

In the summertime, these trout prowl the shallow water in the early morning in search of damselflies swimming around the weed beds. This is an exciting time on ICR that allows anglers to target fish in less than 3 feet of water. Stripping damsel patterns or small baitfish parallel to weed beds can entice a good number of grabs before the shallow water warms and pushes trout into deeper water in search of comfort and cover. Once the sun blankets the water, fishing 6-12 feet either under an indicator or on a sinking line will continue to produce grabs.

Fall (September-November)

As the days get shorter and the temperatures return to a comfortable level, the fall fishing at ICR remains great. With smaller crowds and quieter days, this is one of the most peaceful times out at the lake. The trout pack on the pounds and smash pods of bait fish around the lake. Most techniques work this time of year; whether it be dry fly fishing, nymphing, or ripping a big streamer. 

Winter (January-February)

The lake ices over as soon as snow fills the valley and pauses all the life that flourished in the summer. Once ice off occurs in the spring, ICR will once again thrive. In the meantime, take a look at Pyramid Lake for fantastic winter stillwater fishing.

Indicator fishing is one of the best ways to fish ICR. With weed beds and ledges continuing around the lake, fish cruise edges in search of food. If fishing from shore, an indicator rig placed just over the depth change should produce. Intermediate and Sink 3 lines can also be stripped if indicator fishing isn’t your thing.


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