As one of the last remnants of historic Lake Lahontan, Pyramid Lake holds the world record for largest trout ever caught on hook and line at 41 lbs.

Today you can catch Cutthroat trout of over 20 lbs on a fly rod from a ladder. These fish get big eating Tui chub a species native to Pyramid Lake. You may also find the Cui-ui, a Pyramid Lake native, on the end of your line.

Season runs October 1st through June 30th.

At the Reno Fly Shop we carry all your Pyramid needs, from ladder rentals to shooting heads. Come by the shop for a full selection of Pyramid Lake flies, gear and tips for landing these beautiful trout.


The following are some of the flies we suggest for success in this area.

They can be purchased directly through our site via the links below, or at the shop.

Holo Midge #12, Booby Fly #6, Tui-Chub #2, Balanced Leech #8

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