Anglers have a wide range of choices between the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and the deserts below.

Access to these lakes ranges from easy, to remote and difficult. For those seeking adventure, backpacking the Sierra’s affords the opportunity to reach deep into these high mountains for solitude.

If easy access is more your style, Jackson Meadows’ offers great fishing opportunities in more than 10 alpine lakes. The campgrounds are pristine and RV’s and trailers are welcome. The Summer months through early Fall are a great time to fish these lakes and the best time to beat the heat. The Reno Fly Shop staff and guides have extensive knowledge of these beautiful lakes and welcome your inquires.

The Reno Fly Shop encourages you to get out and explore the Sierra’s.

Frenchman’s Reservoir

Supplying the Sierra Valley ranchers, this high desert gem is one of the most consistent fisheries around. The Eagle Lake strain of Rainbow trout are notorious for their fight per pound. There is a wide variety of hatches throughout the year. The easy access and clean campgrounds make this a great weekend getaway. It is common to see Bald Eagles and Ospreys soaring overhead, or if you’re lucky, you will see them drop in on an unsuspecting trout.

Flies we suggest; E/C Caddis, Hotwire Caddis, Brooks Sprout Midge

Davis Reservoir

The big brother of Frenchman’s, Davis yields a larger version of the Eagle Lake strain of Rainbows. These trout are harder to catch making the lake a preferred destination for angler’s looking for a challenge. The knot busting trout here get to choose from  wide variety of food including Hexegenia’s, damsels, callibaetis, blood midges, snails and caddis.

Flies we suggest; Picky Fish, Sheep Creek Special, Yankee Buzzer, Red Humpy, Loco Hex

Alpine Lakes

The majestic Sierra Nevada Mountain range contains an endless supply of alpine lakes. These high mountain lakes provide an amazing backdrop of soaring pines, dramatic peaks, crystal clear water and trout that readily take flies. Access can range from an easy drive up, short hikes, or for the adventurists, backpacking for as far as you want to walk into a designated wilderness area. There are many different strains of trout in the Sierra’s such as Golden Trout, various Rainbow strains, Browns, Brookies, Cutthroats and the occasional Tiger trout.

Flies we suggest; Baby Boy, Parachute Adams, Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear, The Ticket

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