Here at the Reno Fly Shop we are an Orvis Endorsed Fly Shop/Outfitter, this allows us to build a class schedule based upon the historic and very successful Orvis Fly Fishing Education Program. We have taken this curriculum and modified it to fit customer feedback and our local fly fishing opportunities. 

Our classes, Fly Fishing 101 (FF-101), Fly Fishing 201 (FF-201) and Fly Fishing 301 (FF-301) are group lessons offered by our in-house guide/instructors. Reasonably priced and information dense these date specific courses allow the students to get themselves ready for a fun day on the water. These classes are space limited so registration is required.

Since we have opened we have offered private 3 hour Introductory Classes for 1 or 2 anglers. This has been a great way to dive into fly fishing on your own schedule with private Instruction. If you are interested in this option please call the shop or email to set up a private lesson.

If you seek instruction on a particular cast, topic, or technique, a private class with an instructor can be arranged. Call the shop or email to set up a private session.

Fly Fishing 101 (FF101)

Fly Fishing 101 – Introduction to the basics in about 60 minutes (limited to 5 students). You will be introduced to rods & reels, basic knots & rigging, fly selection and basic casting.

There is a $25 deposit taken when you sign up. At the completion of the class you will be given a $25 gift certificate that can be used in the Reno Fly Shop. Making this class FREE!!!

Dates for our 101 Classes are always being added. Currently you can register for May 28, June 8 or June 22

Sign Up and Pick your date for Fly Fishing 101 here

Fly Fishing 201 (FF201)

Fly Fishing 201 – Building on the same areas as the 101 this 2.5 hour course will go into greater detail and additional topics that the longer class time allows. Completion of FF101 is required unless signed off by a RFS instructor. All necessary gear is provided by RFS instructors. (limited to 5 students)

Dates for our 201 Classes are always being added. Currently you can register for June 8 or June 22

You will cover the following topics in our FF201 class:

-Introduction to fly rods, reels and lines and their different applications

-Essential knots and rigging – with the opportunity to tie your own and which knot to use when.

-Fly selection and how these change seasonally and even through the day.

-Basic casting at a local park on the grass.

There is a $100 fee for participation in the FF201 class. At completion of the class the student will be given a $25 gift certificate that can be used in the Reno Fly Shop.

Sign Up and Pick your date for Fly Fishing 201 here

Fly Fishing 301.#

Each class will be a unique discipline

These are the on-the-water courses where it all starts to come together. These are tactic specific classes that are 4 hours in a low instructor/student ratio. Completion of FF201 is required unless signed off by RFS staff. All necessary gear is provided by RFS instructors but you are encouraged to bring your own if you have it. Choose among a unique catalog of classes to allow a tailored experience to what you are interested in and what you want to explore.

FF301.Nymph – a general nymphing class that will focus on the different approaches to fishing subsurface flies in moving water. Categories of nymphing that will be covered are, indicator, tightline, etc.

FF301.Euro – a dive into the world of European Style Nymphing. You will be introduced to rod/reels/lines, leader setup and construction and on-the-water techniques for this very effective nymphing style. There is a reason this is the preferred technique of competitive fly anglers. When you have to put fish in the net this is the tactic to utilize.

FF301.Dry – The quintessential fly fishing style and one of the most sought after. Casting a dry fly at a rising trout has to be experienced to fully understand. You will be shown the how, when and why we do what we do when we pursue trout rising to adult insects. We will cover the rod/reel/lines used, when we use them and how to approach fish to tilt the scale towards success.

Private Fly Fishing Instruction

Reno Fly Shop also offers unique and personally tailored private instruction. If you are getting ready for a trip, dusting off skills or want a more personal experience with an instructor our private classes are for you. Scheduled 7 days a week (based upon instructor availability) to fit your needs.

3 hour Introduction to Fly Fishing – This is the opportunity to have our FF101 and FF201 presented to you in a private instructor setting fitting into your schedule. Our goal is to cover the basic topics to have you be prepared to go out and have a fun day on the water. 

You will be exposed to 

Introduction to fly rods, reels, lines, equipment and how to select flies.

The essential knots and rigging to allow you to keep your flies in the water.

At a local park (in the grass) you will be shown the basics of the overhead fly cast, how to manage line when casting and how to deliver a fly.

The instructor will walk along the Truckee River to present the safe way to plan to get into and out of the water, where fish would be holding and how best to plan on approaching them when you are out on your own.

Private Casting Instruction – If you are getting ready for a trip, dusting off old skills or interested in diving deeper into a certain technique our instructors can help. We will discuss your interests/objectives and present a specifically tailored plan to achieve these goals. These lesson will give you one on one attention by one of our highly experienced instructors. They will take the time to breakdown your cast into areas that you can then understand where improvement might be needed. These are offered by the hour at a rate of $100/hr for 1 or 

We cover topics; such as, learning to double haul and reach casts. Improving accuracy and/or adding distance to your casts. Correcting common casting errors, such as, tailing loops, rod creep and shooting line.


Discipline Specific Clinics – We still believe we can learn a lot from experts in a certain field. We will continue to look for the opportunity to bring in a discipline specific expert with the fly fishing space and offer 1-2 day clinics. These will be unique offerings with limited availability for registration. Please sign up for our email list to be informed when these will be scheduled.


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