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On-the-Water Report | Pyramid Lake and the Truckee River | mid November 2022 | RFS Custom Jaydacator Leader available now

Reno Fly Shop guide, Mike Anderson , with your on the water report from Pyramid Lake!

Shore fishing has really picked up at Pyramid Lake. Mostly an indicator bite with a few fish being picked up on the strip.

Flies We Suggest at Pyramid Lake: dark Balanced Leech Peacock, Midnight Cowboy and Sizzurp, Booby Fly chartreuse/white and Spanish Olive, Pyramid Lake Buggers, Pyramid Lake Beetle

Flies We Suggest on the Truckee River: Thread Quill, Spanish Bullet, French Nymph, Carot, Perdigon, Quill Jig, Galloup’s Jig BWO, Egg Patterns

Have you seen our new Jaydacator Custom Leaders? An intro video is on our channel and available online and in-store for purchase. Get out there!

RFS Custom JaydaCator Leader available online and in-store

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Fly Fishing Report | Pyramid Lake and the Truckee River | mid November | RFS Custom Leaders Available NOW

A significant weather change has brought precipitation and cold temperatures to the Reno-Tahoe area. Fishing conditions have changed as a result at both Pyramid Lake and the Truckee River. Water temperatures have dropped across our region and have made trout fishing better across the board. Flows continue to drop into late-fall and winter flows on the Truckee and are pushing fish into slower and deeper holding water. Lahontan Cutthroat Trout at Pyramid Lake are being caught in greater numbers from the shore as a result of the storms. We hope you enjoy this week’s report and get to spend valuable time on the water.

Pyramid Lake

Following the storm system in early November, fly fishing at Pyramid Lake has improved greatly with shore fishing becoming the method of choice for a majority of anglers. As water temperatures have decreased, fish have moved into shallower water and are now targetable from the shoreline. Lahontan Cutthroat Trout feed in slightly deeper water adjacent to the shoreline, so look for depth changes that occur close to shore. Cutthroat have seemingly switched away from baitfish patterns and are keying in more on smaller presentations. Both sinking line and floating techniques have produced fish in the last week and will target roughly the same areas.

 When stripping flies on a sinking line, flies such as the Pyramid Lake Bugger in a variety of colors will be a good choice. Additionally, many of the stripping flies with foam incorporated into the tie will help add additional movement to the presentation. A staff favorite last season was the Mopcorn Beetle. This fly is a spin off the standard Pyramid Lake Beetle, but utilizes a Mop Body tail on the end for added movement. This fly has an almost unfair amount of movement and is sure to be a favorite for seasons to come. 

Indicator fishing has also been effective as of late. With cutthroat cruising in 8-12’ of water, indicator fishing is a good choice. This setup allows you to suspend flies at a certain depth throughout the drift. Additionally, it allows you to keep the fly in an effective zone for a longer period of time compared to the sinking line setup. Balanced leeches and Mini Jig Leeches are great choices this time of year. When fishing two of these flies, it is best to rig the top fly on a tag to allow it to balance properly. On dark and stormy days, darker colors tend to work best. The Sizzurp Balanced Leech is a new addition and available exclusively at the Reno Fly Shop. Other colors such as Peacock and Midnight Cowboy have been top producers as well. Midges and chironomids on the other hand are not fishing well which is typical of this time of year. As the season progresses, these flies will become more effective. 

Flies we Suggest: Mopcorn Beetle, Pyramid Lake Beetle, Pyramid Lake Bugger, Booby, Balanced Leech, Mini Jig Leech

Truckee River

The Truckee River has also fished well in the past week and has seen a reduction of flows. As flows have dropped, water has become increasingly clear and Brown Trout have begun to spawn. With the addition of eggs in the river, both rainbow trout and brown trout have been keyed in on egg patterns. Bead fishing is an increasingly popular technique and is an effective way of fishing an egg pattern on a fly rod. While the egg bite has been good this fall, smaller mayfly nymphs have also been effective in the clear and cold conditions. Mayfly nymphs in darker colors such as olive, brown, or black have been effective when fished in tandem with an attractor such as an egg or bright nymph. Flies such as the Psycho Mayfly or the Micro Mayfly are great choices.

As the water temperature continues to decrease, trout are holding in slower and slower water. Try focusing on deeper buckets and slower water where fish don’t have to work too hard to hold their position. With trout in slower water, tippet diameter comes into play and can make or break a day on the water. Thinner tippet material will help fool a few more fish as we go into the end of the year. 4x, 5x, and even 6x fluorocarbon tippet are needed when fish have more time to examine your presentation. Cortland Top Secret Tippet is a customer favorite throughout the year.

While many associate fall and winter with slower fishing, this can often be a great time to target large fish with streamers or even a dry fly. Stormy weather provides favorable conditions for both of these techniques and can offer some variety to your fall and winter trout tactics. Successful streamer fishing takes place in slower water this time of year. Heavier streamers in slightly smaller sizes catch large trout on the Truckee River. Additionally, dry fly fishing can take place on days with the same weather conditions. Overcast skies and precipitation create ideal conditions for Blue Winged Olive (BWO) mayflies to hatch. While dry fly fishing does not occur all the time on the Truckee, this is certainly one of the best times to do so. Pack your dry flies next time you hit the river. 

Flies we Suggest: Psycho Mayfly, Micro Mayfly, Jig TNT, Weiss UV Jig, Daniel’s UV Polar Jig, Thin Mint Bugger, Baetis Cripple, Parachute Adams, Pull Over BWO

RFS Custom Leaders

We are happy to announce our series of custom leaders are now available for purchase. These leaders are built in-house and are tied to assist in fishing specific techniques for use on our local waters and beyond. Custom leaders available include Jaydacator Leaders (both Medium and Large available), ESN Leaders, Stripping Leaders, and Indicator Leaders. Click the links to view or purchase.

RFS Jaydacator Leader

RFS Euro Leader

RFS Stripping Leader

RFS Indicator Leader

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On-the-Water Report | Pyramid Lake and the Truckee River | early November 2022 | Mopcorn Beetle

Flies we suggest: Sparkle Minnow, Tui Chub, MopCorn Beetle, Booby Fly, Popcorn Beetle, Balanced Leech, Belly Ache Minnow, Pyramid Lake Bugger, Pyramid Lake Fly Selection

Ready to tie your own? Here is a quick demonstration on how to tie the MopCorn Beetle. Tied by Matt Cullen

Materials available online and in-store. Hook Firehole 637, Thin Fly Foam Strips, ESTAZ, Mop Body

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Fly Fishing Report | Pyramid Lake and the Truckee River | mid October 2022

The first half of October has provided outstanding fishing at Pyramid Lake as well as the Truckee River. Nighttime low temperatures have continued to drop and many of our favorite waters in the region are fishing well. While we’ve highlighted Pyramid Lake and the Truckee River in this report, there are a number of other places to explore which are fishing very well. We hope you enjoy this week’s report and get to spend some time out on the water!

Pyramid Lake

The fishing at Pyramid Lake has been nothing short of fantastic since the season opener on October 1st. Anglers have been having success catching Lahontan Cutthroat Trout after locating schools of Tui Chub minnows. These bait balls congregate near points and other structure around the lake. Some of the most exciting fishing takes place at this time as you can cast a streamer into a school of Tui Chub being actively ambushed by large cutthroat trout. Streamers are the best option at this time since the fish are chasing schools of Tui Chub at a rapid pace. One of the more popular and effective techniques this year has been a vertical presentation using a heavily weighted fly or jig on a heavy sinking line. Baitfish patterns like the Reno Fly Shop Super Jig weigh 1/4 ounce and get down quickly. This new fly is available exclusively at the Reno Fly Shop and is available in 3 color combinations. With a change in weather expected this weekend, we anticipate water temperatures to drop and wind speed increase. Lahontan Cutthroat have been located throughout the water column at a depth ranging from 0-50 feet as they follow Tui Chub schools. Many people have found success by using a fish finder to identify depth and locate trout and bait balls.

Deeper castable sonar units are now available at the Reno Fly Shop in-store and online. Shore fishing has been slow but still possible in the early and late part of the day. Following the weather pattern change, it is possible trout to begin moving shallower and closer to shore. 

Flies we Suggest: Super Jig, Tui Chub, Perch Fry, Mopcorn Beetle, Balanced Leech, Barely Legal, Sparkle Minnow, Belly Ache Minnow

Truckee River

Fly Fishing on the Truckee River has continued to be productive with almost ideal river flows for this time of year. With cooler nights on the top end of the river, water temperatures have come into an ideal range and set the stage for really good fall fishing. As the water has cooled, bug activity and food sources have changed a bit. A majority of the fish being caught currently are on either nymphing or streamer setups. Nymphing is your best bet to find numbers of fish right now. There a quite a few small mayflies in the system, so mayfly nymphs in a size range of #14-18 will get the job done. We have brought in a number of new flies for fall fishing on the Truckee River both in-store and online. Midges will also gain importance in the trout’s diet as the seasons change. Zebra Midges in a standard red or black in a size range of #18-20 will continue to fish better. Jigged streamers have fished very well in the last week on a European Style Nymphing (ESN) rig. These flies can be fished on either a dead drift or a jigging presentation. By bouncing the rod tip gently throughout the drift, you can give life to the jigged streamer and entice hard takes. Flies like the Silver Fish and Daniel’s UV Polar Jig work great for this technique. 

Streamer fishing on the Truckee River has increased in productivity as water temperatures have decreased. Fall is synonymous with brown trout and streamer fishing on the Truckee. A wide variety of streamer patterns have caught fish recently with baitfish and sculpin patterns near the top of the list. Generally speaking, baitfish patterns work well on the lower river from Reno and downstream. Sculpin patterns are consistent upstream of Reno to the town of Truckee. Crayfish are still on the menu, so make sure to carry a few with you. 

Flies we Suggest: Quill Jig, TNT, Hot Spot, black Perdigon, Duracell, Coppertop, Hot Cheek, Micro Mayfly, Daniel’s UV Polar Jig, Silver Fish, Barely Legal, Belly Ache Minnow, Heisenberg

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On-the-Water Report | Pyramid Lake and the Truckee River | early October | Pyramid Lake Clinic October 8, 2022 w/ Mike Anderson

Flies for Pyramid Lake: NEW Sizzurp Balanced LeechMopcorn BeetleTadpoleBalanced LeechBooby FlyJan’s Tui ChubNorthern Lights BuggerMartini Olive BuggerScullpzilla

Pyramid Lake Clinic w/ Mike Anderson | October 8, 2022 at Pyramid Lake

Join Reno Fly Shop guide Mike Anderson and 5 other guests and learn all there is about our wonderful fishery.

The clinic will cover

  • Fishing during different seasons and conditions
  • Overview of techniques and gear
  • Casting lesson and demonstration
  • Lunch provided
  • Fishing with Mike

Valid Pyramid Lake Tribal fishing licenses are required the day of the clinic.

Class is limited to 6 anglers to maximize the learning/fun environment.

When: October 8th – 8am to 2pm | after your registration Mike will contract you directly to specify which beach at Pyramid Lake to meet.

Where: Pyramid Lake, Nevada to beach to meet Mike will be given the day before the clinic by Mike. This will allow the selection of the appropriate beach based upon the current conditions.

Who: Mike Anderson, You and only 5 other anglers

How Much: $250/angler – paid at time of reservation

How to Signup: ONLINE HERE | Call the shop at (775) 323-3474 | Stop by the Shop

You can also email Mike at

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On-the-Water Report | Pyramid Lake and Truckee River | late September 2022 | new Pyramid Lake Flies

Reno Fly Shop guide, Mike Anderson @mt_anderson, with your on the water report from Pyramid Lake. The current surface temps are 68F with tons of Tui Chub along the shore! The opener is just a few weeks away. The Truckee River is fishing very well and we believe it will only get better with more Fall weather on the way.

Flies for Pyramid Lake: NEW Sizzurp Balanced Leech, Mopcorn Beetle, TadpoleBalanced LeechBooby FlyJan’s Tui ChubNorthern Lights BuggerMartini Olive BuggerScullpzilla

We are super excited for the opener this Saturday. We have never been better prepared with our gear and flies to help you get ready.

We have some new flies in the bins that are worth taking a look at. Something new, Something old and Something Moppy.

the NEW Sizzurp Balanced Leech
an old Classic, the Tadpole, we put back into production
a fly we introduced last year, the Mopcorn Beetle, is now in full production
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On-the-Water Report | Truckee River | mid September | NEW flies in the Shop

We are stoked to introduce several new fly patterns to our shop offerings. These are available both online and in-store. These are flies that will be great as all arounders but were specifically chosen to offer up a new look to our Truckee River trout this Fall/Winter.

NEW Flies we Suggest: Split Case PMD, Split Case BWO, Lightning Bug, Chernobyl Super Hopper, Daniel’s UV Polar Jig, Coppertop, Jigged TNT, Galloup’s Jig BWO, Dark Neon Jig, Weiss UV Jig, Jig Silver Fish, Barely Legal, Mousey McMouseface, Sparkle Minnow

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Fly Fishing Report | Truckee River and Other Waters | mid September

Truckee River

The Truckee River continues to fish well as we enter into mid September. Flows have remained consistent on the Nevada side and it’s been a pleasant surprise to see flows in the canyon section hover around 500 cfs. Typical of late summer, crayfish have made up a significant portion of the trout’s diet in the river. We are still experiencing hot days and as a result are seeing the best fishing in low light/cooler periods early and late in the day.

On the Nevada side, flows have been steady between 250-300 cfs. With steady flows, several sections of the Nevada side have fished well. With these consitent flows it seems as if the fish are moving around during the day and finding water conditions best suited them at the time. When water temperatures are at their lowest, fish have been holding in slow water towards the bottom of runs and pools. As the water temperature creeps up, fish tend to move into faster water. When fishing the faster water, try to adjust fly weight to get the right drift. While crayfish are a significant feed item, there are other food for trout available. As the daily temperature increases, small mayflies have continued to hatch. These mayflies vary in a size range of 16-20. When running a double nymph setup, a small mayfly in size 16-20 will work. Flies such as the Jig TNT, Spanish Bullet, or Galloup’s Jig BWO are a great choice to represent the small mayflies. Additionally, caddis patterns have worked well in similar sizes, try the G6, Krystal Caddis and the OCD

Streamer action has increased as the crayfish activity has increased. Streamer patterns have varied greatly. In low light conditions, large patterns in darker colors (olive,black, or brown) swung through slower water and tailouts have worked. As the sun comes out and temperature increases, fishing fast and shallow water with brighter streamers has been our choice. Crayfish often get dislodged and tumble through heavy current. For those willing to venture into the night, we have arrived at the time of year when mouse fishing is at its best. Now available is the Mousey McMouseface – an articulated foam mouse with a sharp stinger hook hidden in its tail. This fly pushes water well and has tantalizing swimming action. Many of the smaller jig streamers have worked well recently when fished on an ESN rod. 

While dry fly fishing is not typically associated with the Truckee River, this time of year can provide good conditions to fish a hopper-dropper rig. With fish holding in fast and shallow water, this rig gives a good presentation for both a dry fly and a nymph. A 2-4’ section of tippet between the dry fly and nymph will allow the nymph to get to a good depth in most cases. Our newly received Chernobyl Super Hopper is available in a golden color and is available for purchase online and in-store.

Flies we Suggest: Rusty Spinner, Chernobyl Super Hopper, Panty Dropper Hopper, Mini Crayfish Jig, TJ Hooker, Nemec Stone, Daniel’s UV Polar Jig, Micro Mayfly, Spanish Bullet, Jig TNT, Galloup’s Jig BWO, Barely Legal, Mousey McMouseface, Sparkle Minnow

Other Area Waters

Heenan Lake has opened for it’s short season (Sept-Oct) and fishing has been very good in the first week. Typical of late summer, fish are concentrated at deeper depths anywhere from 15-25 feet. This is a local favorite since Lahontan Cutthroat Trout (LCT) inhabit the lake. While these fish are a bit smaller than the LCT at Pyramid Lake, they can achieve large size in a short time due to the available feed in the lake. Shore fishing can be tough at Heenan due the weed growth along the edges of the lake, so a boat of some kind float tube will help get you into fishable water. There are a variety of ways to fish the lake, with a deep water indicator setup being the most popular and effective. By using a Jay da Cator on a long leader with bobber stoppers, you can suspend flies at depths in the 15-30’ range. Chironomids account for many caught fish and work best when suspended within a foot of the lake bottom. These flies can also be placed effectively in the target zone on a full sink line. Additionally, scuds and leeches fished along the vertical weed lines work well when targeting cruising fish. With a limited fishing season, now is the time to fish Heenan Lake.

Flies we suggest: Holographic Midge, Yankee Buzzer, Mini Jigged Leech, Balanced Leech, Hale Bopp Leech

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Fly Fishing Report | Truckee River | late August 2022 | ESN Promotion Starts Today

The mornings are getting colder as we draw nearer to fall. We may not see much of a change in the afternoon temps being in the mid to high 90s, but with such lower temperatures overnight and in the morning fishing has been good. The Truckee River has been somewhat dirty in the last few weeks due to strong thunderstorms. As of recent, the river has really cleared up, but stray thunderstorms possible in the next couple of weeks may introduce more turbidity to the river.

The trout are starting to gear up for fall as well. We’re finding fish in all water types; slow, medium, and fast water. We’re also noticing that the brown trout are beginning to group up more as they get closer to spawning in a few weeks. The streamer fishing has not kicked off just yet, but they are happily eating large and small nymphs equally well. 

Crayfish are a large part of the trout’s diet this time of year. August is usually the month that we see a lot of molting from crayfish making them a little more vulnerable until their exo-skeleton returns. (Guide Tip: crayfish that have just molted will be a lighter color for a few hours as their skeleton harderns.) After cycling through your crayfish patterns try smaller nymphs. From doing net samples recently a lot of the food items are #16-18 both caddis pupa and mayflies nymphs. 

Truckee River Flies We Suggest: Fire Starter, Perdigon #16, Panty Dropper Hopper, Spring Creek Hopper, Mini Crayfish, Hot Cheek, G6 Caddis, Spanish Bullet, Jigged Brush Hog, Redemption PMD, TJ Hooker, Truckee River Dozen

Other local waters

Carp fishing has still been very good. The carp are feeding primarily in the late morning until 1 o’clockish. We’ve noticed some interesting behavior recently as the carp have been taking flies that are not sitting on the bottom of the river or pond but in the column below the water surface. Some fish have been taking flies on the drop or even when slightly stripped moving the fly and keeping it from the bottom. This observation and adjusting our tactics has produced some great fish. 

a fun edit on some back country fly fishing in our area

High mountain lakes are still fishing well, but they will begin to cool off with over night lows and will begin to ice over on the edges towards the end of September.  Using terrestrials is always a good idea on high mountain lakes as well as flies that have a little movement. (Small streamers, Gilled nymph, or soft hackles), Using a dry/dropper rig is a great technique for these lakes. Change your depth every 30 minutes as needed, and don’t get caught up fishing from one or two spots around the lake. Just like any fishery, some areas will fish better than others and might take many and frequent adjustments until you “crack the code”. 

Flies We Suggest: Carp Worm, Squirmy Hybrid, Bead Head Prince Nymph, Jigged Mini Leech, Gilled Nymph, Panty Dopper Hopper, Jigged Bugger

Are you interested in trying out European Style Nymphing or maybe looking to update your set up? We have just started a great end of Summer and looking toward Fall promotion. When you pick up our top selling ESN rods, the Cortland Nymph Rod you will get a Euro Style Nymph Fly Line for FREE. You can choose between a 10’6″ 3wt or 4wt. We are stocked up and ready to get you on the water. This promotion will last as long as our inventory of rods does. Pick up your today.

This offer is only good for in-store sales, however we will accept phone orders so stop by or call soon.

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On-the-Water Report | Truckee River | mid August 2022 | NEW RFS HydroFlask

Flies we suggest: Masked Marauder, Double Bead Stone, the Ticket, BH Krystal Caddis, Mini Crayfish, Jawbreaker, Jigged Bugger, OCD Caddis, Panty Dropper Hopper, Truckee River Dozen

NEW – 32 ounce Reno Fly Shop Hydro Flask

The NEW RFS Hydro Flask will keep your drink cool for a long hot day on the water.

Product Features

  • Ideal size for all-day hydration
  • Fits most backcountry water filters
  • TempShield™ insulation keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours
  • Durable 18/8 Pro-Grade Stainless Steel construction
  • BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compatible with our Wide Mouth Flex Sip™ Lid and Wide Mouth Straw Lid
  • Lifetime Warranty
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