Balanced Leech

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The Balanced Leech is a deadly pattern for suspending under an indicator, but it has also proven itself when slow-stripped at Pyramid Lake. This fly is effective in any lake where trout feed on leeches or baitfish. The Balanced Leech is tied on a size 8 hook and is available in 6 unique color variations.

The fly is tied using a pin to extend the cone or bead beyond the hook eye. This allows the fly to sit horizontally in the water and takes advantage of lake chop and wave action to create movement. Tying kits and tying tutorials are available for the balanced leech.

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Reno Fly Shop Balanced leech are a very effective fly when fished on floating lines at Pyramid Lake and other stillwaters. They can be fished with or without indicators. This pattern can be fished in the “strike zone” for a much longer time than other patterns and this combined with the unique materials we build into our Balanced Leech make it very effective pattern.

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