Fly Tying Kit: Balanced Leech

$ 19.95

Fly Tying Kits for the Balanced Leech are available in the custom colors our most popular retail Balanced Leeches come in:

  • Olive
  • Midnight Cowboy


We have prepared a tying kit and tutorial for one of the Pyramid Lake favorites, the Balanced Leech. This is a pattern that changed things a few years ago and has become a staple for use with a floating line, with or without an indicator.

This is a popular baitfish pattern for Pyramid Lake and is a great pattern paired with a Holographic Midge. Double balanced leech rigs are effective when fish are in close but still eating baitfish.

Balanced Leeches are great at any still water where fish are foraging on baitfish and should be in any anglers box.

Each kit will have the materials to tie 6 flies. These tying kits are available in-store and online.

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Midnight Cowboy, Peacock, Olive

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