RFS Jaydacator Leader

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Leader Build:

  • 5′- 0.013″ Butt Section
  • MEDIUM or LARGE Jaydacator w/ Bobberstops
  • 3mm Tippet Ring
  • 4′- 0.011″ (12lb) FLUOROCARBON
  • 6″ TAG- 0.011″ (12lb) FLUOROCARBON
  • 3′- 0.011″ (12lb) FLUOROCARBON

Click here to purchase a 3-pack of Jaydacators.

The Jaydacator Leader is a custom built leader available only at the Reno Fly Shop. The Jaydacator is one of our favorite indicators and is made locally. This leader allows the user to fish two flies under an adjustable indicator. The tippet ring allows the user to add tippet material when needed. The Jaydacator was designed with fishing Pyramid Lake in mind. The Large size is best for fishing heavy flies or in wavy conditions. The medium size is best on calmer days when fishing lighter flies. The large is best suited for early season fishing at Pyramid Lake with balanced leeches; while the Medium is best suited for fishing later in the season with chironomids and other nymph patterns.

To attach, slide the leader loop through the fly line loop and pass the Jaydacator through the leader loop. To secure, pull the remaining leader through the loop.

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