On-the-Water Report | Pyramid Lake and Truckee River | early November 2020

Reno Fly Shop guide, Mike Anderson, @mt_anderson with your on the water report from Pyramid Lake. We are booking trips for Pyramid lake and the Truckee River for November and beyond. Call today and reserve your spot!

Flies we Suggest for Pyramid Lake: Peacock Balanced Leech, Cat Whisker Booby Fly, Jan’s Tui Chub, White Balanced Leech, Spanish Olive Booby Fly, Wine/Copper Holo Midge, Black Copper Holo Midge

Flies we Suggest for the Truckee River: Pat’s Rubber Leg Stone, Carot, Red Perdigon, Black Perdigon, Black Zebra Midge, Micro Mayfly, Psycho May

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