MLK Holiday Weekend Plans?

Don’t feel like dealing with lift lines and heavy traffic? Your local river is blown out from recent winter storms? We have a really good alternative!

Ed with a 16 pounder between storms

Pyramid Lake is really starting to turn on. We are seeing many more fish venturing up into the shallows around mid lake. The southern beaches are still fishing well in low light conditions with floating lines but if you feel like dusting off the sinking line and loosening up your casting arm, now is the time!!!

We have been fishing Booby flies on relatively short leaders (24-30″) using short quick strips with longish pauses. This allows the flies to be pulled down (during retrieves) and then float back up (pauses).

Floating lines, with or without indicators, are working during low light conditions. The fish have been coming very close to the ledge on steeper beaches. Try stepping back a few steps from the edge to help conceal your high profile from the fish.

Have a great weekend.

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