Fly Fishing Report | Truckee River | late April 2020 | Online Store and Curbside Pickup

Truckee River 

Seems as if Spring runoff has started as we prepare this report. The river shot up the last few days and overnight lows upstream are staying above freezing. A cooling trend is forecast the next few days, however, once the free flowing tributaries start their melt it seems unlikely they will freeze back up.

So…. Let’s get ready to fish higher flows the next week or so and maybe explore some stillwaters in the Nevada backcountry.

The flow of the Truckee River has increased since our last report. The downtown Reno gauge is at 1,400. River clarity is good despite the flow increase but seems to be impacted more in the afternoon. The fish have a lot of room to spread out into, making locating them a little difficult. The majority of the trout, we are finding, are in faster runs and shallower water. This is typical feeding behavior for trout during higher flows. Increased velocity stirs up food and the turbidity can provide visual cover to allow fish to feel safer in the shallows. Increased flows and ample food options has provoked the trout to strap on the food bag and regain some of that pre-winter fat.

We’re seeing a bunch of insects in and on the water. Caddis, Mayflies, Stonefly nymphs, and though we are a little early for Little Yellow Sallies they are not far off. Mike been using one large fly (size 12) and one smaller fly (size 18-16) to cover the difference in size between the variety of insects present. Getting your flies to depth in the swift water and presenting the flies well is key. Using extra weight and a shorter leader for indicator set ups, and using well weighted flies on your ESN rig should do the trick. Fish have been feeding early day, so move somewhat quickly and cover ground. 

The streamer bite has somewhat slowed but still is worth it if you are willing to cover ground and wait for that one fish to make your day.

Flies we Suggest: Carot, Perdigon, Spanish Bullet, Masked Marauder, Para Madam X, March Brown (adult), Jigged PT, Cheech Leech, The One and Weir’s Sculpin

Local Stillwaters

Our local still waters have been fishing well! Temperatures are warming up, ice has melted, and the fish are feeding. Balanced Leeches, Midges and Callibaetis under indicators have been producing fish as has retrieving boobies and streamers. Much like their river companions the trout in the lakes are looking to feed after winter. Look for protected coves and try to position yourself to have the wind in your direction as spring can be a breezy season. These areas will collect food and fish. Look for morning and evening hatches to increase as we warm into summer!!

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