Fly Fishing Report | Pyramid Lake, the Truckee River and area Stillwaters | late June 2019 | June 22nd BBQ

Pyramid Lake

Well, this is the final Pyramid Lake fishing report that I will be writing this season. It’s been an incredible year and the fish (especially the larger ones) were very agreeable this year! I want to thank everyone who booked a trip with me or visited the Reno Fly Shop to get outfitted for the lake. We are already prepping for the 2019-20 season which we believe will be ever better!

Speak to JB in the shop for some late season Pyramid Lake tips. He has it wired!

As is typical for this time of the year the Tui-chub are in shallow and the trout are out deep. Float tubes, pontoons, and boats are almost a necessity to consistently catch fish, but the Lahontan cutthroat trout are still eating well in 20-30 feet of water. Balanced leeches on long leaders under indicators or streamer patterns on full sinking shooting heads will be the way to fish to round out the season. Getting your flies to depth and consistently returning to that depth is key. Try marking out 10 foot sections on your shooting head with electrical tape to clearly mark depths so that you can return your flies to that depth after landing an LCT!

Flies We Suggest: Balanced Leech (peacock,diablo,olive), Bellyache Minnow, The One, Weirs Sculpin, Cat Whisker Booby, Dirty Martini Booby, Spanish Olive Booby Midnight Cowboy

Smiles for miles

Truckee River

Since my last report fishing on the Truckee River has been a little tougher than in previous weeks. Chalk it up to continual flow changes, (2500 cfs to 1600 and back to 2400 cfs) or a full moon phase, fishing was just a little off. Stability in the system will increase fishing as insect life on the Truckee River is booming!! Caddis, Little Yellow Sallys, Pale Morning Duns, and even a few Green Drakes have been popping off with increasing quantities in the late morning, early afternoon. Water temperatures are also perfectly nestled in the mid 50’s creating some of the fishiest conditions that I’ve seen in a while.

Fish are really starting to move into faster water, not quite fast water yet, but faster than a walking pace that we’ve been focusing on for the past few months. Using extra weight can be the difference between multiple fish days, and going fishless. I’ve been changing flies a lot as is seems the fish are not keying in on singular hatches, but are enjoying the whole smorgasbord instead. Crayfish patterns and streamers have been working as well, but as always covering water is key to find the fish who are willing to hunt larger prey.

Flies We Suggest: Perdigon Black, Spanish Bullet, Quill Jig, Hot Spot, CDC Red Tag, Hot Cheek, Mylar Prince, Tunghead Stonefly, Masked Marauder, Sculpzilla, Complex Twist Bugger, Cheech Leech, Black Momba Ant, Chenobyl Ant

Area Stilwaters

Our surrounding reservoirs have been fishing well with good callibaetis and midge hatches in the early morning and late afternoon. Carpenter ants are still “hatching” and on windier days are being blown into the lakes causing fish to follow them to the surface. Otherwise, the warmer temperatures are pushing fish into 10 plus feet of water by late morning. Focusing on streamer patterns, damsels, and midges during high sun bright afternoons will be the most effective way to fish. Focus on areas in the lake that get into deep water quickly. Fish will stack up in the deeper water and ambush prey as they venture onto the dropoffs. The same goes for weed lines that allow fish to ambush prey.

Flies we Suggest: Red Eye Damsel, Wooly Bugger (black and olive) Para-Adams, Zebra Midge, Yankee Buzzer, Callibaetis Nymph, Zug Bug, Stillwater Stimi

Hope to see a lot of you this Saturday, June 22nd at the shop to celebrate our 5th anniversary. We will have several of our reps there showing you some great and new products available from Scientific Anglers, ECHO, Loon, Simms and many more. We will have several in store discounts and promotions going on.

If you would like to get into a new fly line for the summer or your next Pyramid Lake season. Bring you old one in to recycle and we will offer you $20 off a new premium Scientific Anglers line!!!

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