Thin Fly Foam Strips

$ 1.95

Bobber Stops are used when securing Jaydactor indicators. To use bobber stops, slide leader through metal wire and pull the bobber stop down. By attaching multiple bobber stops, you can use a Jaydactor on a wide variety of leader diameters. 1-3 Bobber Stops on each side of the Jaydacator will work best.

Each pack contains 36 individual rubber stoppers.


This is a 2mm thick closed cell foam we have conveniently stripped for you to a 1/2″ width. This is the same foam we used for our Pyramid Lake Beetles and MopCorn Beetle.

Creatively it can be used for other fly patterns, such as, terrestrials, gurglers, etc.

10 strips 1/2″x6″

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Black, White

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