Nine Mile

NameNine Mile
Road Miles from Y12 miles for the Y
Reno Fly Shop
Guide Services
Guide trips are available 7 days a week.
Trips for solo anglers to medium sized groups can be reserved.
Call, 775-323-3474, today to find out more information
and to book your next fly fishing adventure.
Vehicle AccessHigh Clearance Vehicle Ideal/Low Clearance Vehicle acceptable. Be aware of soft sand conditions.
ParkingAmple parking available
Optimal SeasonEarly (Season Opener- Thanksgiving) and Late (Presidents Day to End of Season)
Best Tactic per SeasonEarly: Stripping
Middle: Indicator and Stripping
Late: Stripping
Recommended GearRod: 9’8wt Echo Boost Blue, 10’10” 6wt Echo SR
Reel: Galvan T-8, Echo Bravo 7/9
Line: SA Surf 30 300gr, Cortland Compact Switch 6wt
Flies: Pyramid Lake Selection
Ledge TypeDeep drop with a general depth of 10′.
Bottom TypeSand
Boat LaunchNone
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