Introducing the ESN Complete Package

This complete package has everything an angler needs to begin fishing using European Style Nymphing.

European Style Nymphing, or ESN for short is an incredibly effective way to fish the Truckee River. This approah allows you to achieve the necessary depth flies quicker and stay connected to your flies throughout a drift. This is one of the things we stress when suggesting effective techniques on the Truckee. Using integrated color indicator tippet, you have greater sensitivity to fish eating your flies, which can result in more fish to the net.

The Reno Fly Shop is excited to introduce a kit including all of the ESN components, allowing you to take on this new style without any of the hassle of gear selection. By combining staff favorites in the ESN game, this kit is a great value and a great way to begin fishing this efficient style.

The kit inlcudes:

  • Cortland Competition 10’6 3wt Fly Rod
  • Cortland Competition Braid Core Fly Line
  • Redington Behemoth 4/5 Fly Reel
  • RFS Euro Leader
  • Truckee River Dozen Fly Selection

Available now both online and in the shop for $499.95.

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