Fly Fishing Report | Truckee River | late July 2023

Jul 28, 2023 | FISHING REPORT, Reno Fly Shop, Truckee River

Summer is hot but so is the fishing. Fingers crossed, the hottest part of the year is behind us and our 5th season (Smoke) isn’t too intense this year. Flows have remained steady at seasonal norms (~350 CFS Reno gage) for the past week and morning water temps have been in the high 50s. Our record breaking winter is producing some of the best late summer, into Fall, conditions that we can remember!The river is in great shape and should remain that way for quite some time. There is a lot of bug life, and even some late evening (last light) dry fly fishing to be had. We have been focusing on nymphing , both euro nymphing and indicator nymphing have been producing well. Fish have not been chasing streamers as much recently. This time of year the crawfish population will begin to molt in greater abundance. This provides the trout a brief window to gorge themselves on large defenseless food items. This could be the reason for a dip in the effectiveness of steamer fishing.

Water temps have gone down the past week, and have gotten as low as 52 degrees in the mornings (Farad gage and Sparks gage). This change has encouraged the fish to move into slower water, slow enough that you may walk past it as it is not usually the speed of water that we are used to targeting this time of year. We have also noticed the fish moving into faster water as the day and temperatures increases. Cover water effectively and explore waters that you may not select. 

Smaller nymphs like the Perdigon, Carot, Hot Butt, Quill Jig, and Hot Cheek in sizes #14-16 have worked well to imitate some mayfly and caddis present in the system. 

To imitate the crayfish we suggest using Nemec Stone, Tung Head Stone, Mini Crayfish, TJ Hooker, and any of the Jig Streamers (UV Polar Jig, Weiss UV Jig and the Silver Fish in the shop. Try dead drifting the crayfish patterns to start, then add some movement by jigging your rod tip or mending strongly to move your indicator up steam or completely off the water. 

We are looking forward to some amazing fall fishing and have several guides to get you on the water. We are also booking for Pyramid season. Look at your calendars and book your spot, they go quickly!!

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