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Aug 25, 2022 | FISHING REPORT, Reno Fly Shop, Truckee River

The mornings are getting colder as we draw nearer to fall. We may not see much of a change in the afternoon temps being in the mid to high 90s, but with such lower temperatures overnight and in the morning fishing has been good. The Truckee River has been somewhat dirty in the last few weeks due to strong thunderstorms. As of recent, the river has really cleared up, but stray thunderstorms possible in the next couple of weeks may introduce more turbidity to the river.

The trout are starting to gear up for fall as well. We’re finding fish in all water types; slow, medium, and fast water. We’re also noticing that the brown trout are beginning to group up more as they get closer to spawning in a few weeks. The streamer fishing has not kicked off just yet, but they are happily eating large and small nymphs equally well. 

Crayfish are a large part of the trout’s diet this time of year. August is usually the month that we see a lot of molting from crayfish making them a little more vulnerable until their exo-skeleton returns. (Guide Tip: crayfish that have just molted will be a lighter color for a few hours as their skeleton harderns.) After cycling through your crayfish patterns try smaller nymphs. From doing net samples recently a lot of the food items are #16-18 both caddis pupa and mayflies nymphs. 

Truckee River Flies We Suggest: Fire Starter, Perdigon #16, Panty Dropper Hopper, Spring Creek Hopper, Mini Crayfish, Hot Cheek, G6 Caddis, Spanish Bullet, Jigged Brush Hog, Redemption PMD, TJ Hooker, Truckee River Dozen

Other local waters

Carp fishing has still been very good. The carp are feeding primarily in the late morning until 1 o’clockish. We’ve noticed some interesting behavior recently as the carp have been taking flies that are not sitting on the bottom of the river or pond but in the column below the water surface. Some fish have been taking flies on the drop or even when slightly stripped moving the fly and keeping it from the bottom. This observation and adjusting our tactics has produced some great fish. 

a fun edit on some back country fly fishing in our area

High mountain lakes are still fishing well, but they will begin to cool off with over night lows and will begin to ice over on the edges towards the end of September.  Using terrestrials is always a good idea on high mountain lakes as well as flies that have a little movement. (Small streamers, Gilled nymph, or soft hackles), Using a dry/dropper rig is a great technique for these lakes. Change your depth every 30 minutes as needed, and don’t get caught up fishing from one or two spots around the lake. Just like any fishery, some areas will fish better than others and might take many and frequent adjustments until you “crack the code”. 

Flies We Suggest: Carp Worm, Squirmy Hybrid, Bead Head Prince Nymph, Jigged Mini Leech, Gilled Nymph, Panty Dopper Hopper, Jigged Bugger

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