Fly Fishing Report | Truckee River and area Stillwaters | early August 2019 | ESN-Streamer Clinic – August 10

Truckee River 
The Truckee River is fishing well! Flows at the downtown gauge are around 500, we had some fluctuation with some thunderstorms early last week. Water temps are still getting above the 68 degree mark in the afternoons, but we are noting a downward trend in the afternoon water temperatures with cooler temps in the 10 day forecast. Keep a thermometer with you and let us know the temps/times you are getting. Bigger fish have really started to get active and are being caught throughout the system and with various styles. Nymphing, dry dropper, and streamers have all been very effective.

While nymphing fish seem to be keying into smaller flies as there are a lot of tiny Mayflies (Tricos) in the system and even though they are small they are plentiful and the trout are really focussing on them. Fishing a size 16 and smaller has been doing the trick. Streamer fishing has been amazing in the last few weeks with a lot of fish being caught in an upstream presentation. Make sure to get the flies deep and give them life by retrieving or moving the rod tip! 

Keep reading for info on the upcoming European Style Nymphing and Streamer Clinic with Mike Anderson details below.

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Flies we suggest: Perdigon Black, Spanish Bullet, Quill Jig, Hot Spot, CDC Red Tag, Hot Cheek, Mylar Prince, Tunghead Stonefly, Masked Marauder, Sculpzilla, Para Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulator

Area Stillwaters

Not a lot has changed as far as area stillwaters go. Fishing early mornings and late afternoons will be best. Fishing from a boat or a float tube and focusing on deeper drop offs will prove productive. Fishing midges and other nymphs at depth under slip indicators has been the most productive, but some fish have still been willing to chase down wooly buggers and other streamer/stimulator patterns.

Hatches have been light and sporadic with the warmer temperatures, but they are still happening later in the day or at first light. Attractor dry flies and terrestrials can still get fish moving but focusing on more imitative patterns is best when hatches are light.

Flies we suggest: Red Eye Damsel, Wooly Bugger (black and olive) Para-Adams, Zebra Midge, Yankee Buzzer, Gilled Nymph, Zug Bug, Stillwater Stimi, Flying Ant, Chernobyl Hopper, Para Madam X

European Style Nymphing and Streamer Clinic

Targeting bigger fish in the Truckee River can be a difficult proposition. Larger fish are wise and are very discerning when it comes to what they eat. Streamers have the ability to trick the fish into feeding on a larger prey items. Their larger profile and action can also cause a fish to strike out of territorial tendencies or anger. Either way larger fish require a different mindset to catch consistently. The goal of this clinic is to teach newer streamer techniques that combine European Style nymphing techniques with traditional swinging techniques to create a new mindset that will attract big fish!

When: August 10th 2019

Where: Reno Fly Shop/ Truckee River

Who: Mike Anderson, You and only 5 other anglers

How Much: $150/angler – paid at time of reservation

How to Signup: Stop by or call the shop today at 775-323-3474. You can also email Mike at

The Clinic will cover

  • European Style Nymphing Overview, Gear, and Techniques
  • Streamer Overview, Flies, and Techniques
  • On the water demonstration/reading water
  • Fishing and 1 on 1 instruction.

The clinic will be separated into a classroom session and an on the river session,  the class will be 4 hours and includes fishing. 

Valid Nevada fishing licenses are not provided and are required before the clinic.

After the Clinic students are encouraged to stick around to ask questions and continue to fish with Mike. 

Class is limited to 6 anglers to maximize the learning/fun environment.

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