Fishing Report November 13, 2015 | Shop News and Events


Pyramid Lake

The recent storms and wind have really helped things at Pyramid.  Surface water temps have consistently been under 60F and dropping.  As the temperatures get closer to 55F it will get really good.  Shouldn’t be long now.

Stripping is still producing the most fish.  Floating nymphs on a tight line or under an indicator are starting to work.  Especially on days where you can position the wind into your face.

Flies: The One Olive, Hook-Up Olive and Chartreuse, Bellyache Minnow #1/0, Balanced Red Spot Leech Black and Olive, Boobie Chartreuse and Black

Main Truckee River (between Little Truckee confluence and east Verdi)

The brown trout spawn has all but finished up and the fish should now spread back out.  Combined with cold water it will be a searching game until the warmest part of the day.


Swimming and swinging streamers has been a bunch of fun lately. High sticking and indicator nymphing have also been working.

Flies: Gonga #6 Olive, Flashback BH Pheasant Tail #14, Skipper Stone #8 and #10 and Jigged Soft Spot #16

Eagle Lake and Frenchman’s Reservoir

Eagle Lake has been a great spot to fill while Lake Davis is not fishing.  Slow stripping streamers and small nymphs is the best bet for really big Eagle Lake Rainbow Trout.

Frenchman’s Reservoir has not let up when the fish are out moving around.  As long as the wind stays down it seems the anglers floating around are doing the best.  Sitting off shore and casting back to cruising fish.  Things here will continue to cool until it freezes over.  Please be careful on new ice as it begins to form.

Flies: Flashtail Bugger #10 Black, Olive and Brown, Balanced Leech #6 Olive and Brown, Sheep Creek Special #10 and #12.

Upcoming Class Schedule and Events

Winter Series on Fly Fishing Basics – November 24th, 26th and December 1st 6:30 at the Reno Fly Shop

Huge response for our first pass so we added another round of our winter series on fly fishing.  We have our first scheduled for November 24, 26 and December 1.

Nov. 24th – Introduction to Fly Fishing, Styles for moving and stillwater, Knots and Rigging and much more.

Nov. 26th – Basic Fly Tying – Tools, techniques and tying some of the most effective patterns in all of our fly boxes.

Dec. 1st – Fly Casting – Getting together and putting fly rods in our hands is what it is all about.  We will find a place that we will cover most of the casting techniques you will use on moving and stillwaters.

The classes are $25 per class or $60 for all three and will be held with 3 to 6 participants. Please call the shop with any questions and more details.

Special Casting Instruction

As Matt Heron and I discussed in Episode 8 of the Podcast preparation can make a huge difference in success on your next fly fishing adventure. From Pyramid Lake, Andros Island, the Truckee River to Jurassic Lake a casting lesson is a great idea. Two handed spey, single handed spey, double haul, salt water cast, line mending, simulated saltwater casting, etc.  We are ready to help get ready.

We have private and group lesson available.  From 1 hour to 3 we can cover all aspects of delivering the fly in all weather conditions.  Give us a call today to schedule a lesson.  For a limited time get 25% off a casting lesson if you mention you heard it discussed on Episode 8 of the Reno Fly Shop Podcast.


In Episode 8 you heard Matt Heron and I speak about the Dakota Carry-On bag. This is an piece of gear and belongs in any traveling angler or simply one that moves around with more than one rod and reel set up at a time. We have yours today in the Shop.

dakota-carry-on-rod-reel-caseHere is how Fishpond USA describes the Dakota Carry-On

Every angler must have four rods on hand, even if they are just headed down the street for carp. Additionally, each rod must be matched with a reel and a spare spool, which must also be available at all times. Finally, the angler must have a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, a bag of chips, and a chocolate chip cookie within close reach, because it’s lunch time. How many cases do you really want to carry for all that stuff? Let’s make it easy on you…just one, the Dakota Carry-On Rod & Reel [and snack] Case.


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