Fishing Report | February 19, 2016

The past couple of weeks the weather has been beautiful in Northern Nevada.  While not great for our water season it has been really nice to get out on the Truckee River and enjoy some mild temps, good flows and solid fly fishing.

Both the California and Nevada sections have been fishing well.  Some of our guides have been out on the water with guests and doing well with nymphs and swinging streamers.

Pyramid Lake

The lake had slowed down a bit from the last report.  We think this was due to the high pressure that was sitting over us.  As you probably know that moved out the last few days and as a result it has been really really good at the lake.  Several reports of double digit fish days.  This is in numbers and size.  Quite a few reports of doubles being caught.  The bite has been mixed on flies.  Seems that midge work one day and then retrieving boobies is the top producer.  The one consistent variable is the afternoon grab is the time to be out.

Looks like the forecast for a wet stormy March is getting better and better.  The fishing should continue to improve as Spring progresses.

Flies: Martini Olive, Hook-Up Olive and Chartreuse, Tui Chub, Balanced Leech Peacock and White, Boobie Chartreuse and Black and the Popcorn Beetle

Chartreuse Boobie
Chartreuse Boobie
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 Main Truckee River (between Little Truckee confluence and east Verdi)

The mild weather was a great opportunity to get out on the Big T and it was definitely worth the effort.  The fishing was solid.  Our guides have gotten guests into fish recently on nymphs and casting streamers.

Ryan with a great Brown


The recent storm brought the water up but it didn’t really go off color.  The banks are snowy so take caution on the edges but the fishing is really good. The water is still cold.  Nymph the edges of the channel and seams.  Streamers will be best in the tailouts of calm pools.

Flies: Flashtail Bugger #6 Olive and Black, Red Butt #14 and #16, Pink Soft Spot #14, Jigged Assassin #14 and the Red San Juan Worm #12

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