EP057: Rob Ramsay – Fly Fishing Christmas Island – History and Perspective from a SuperHost

Christmas (Kiritimati) Island has been considered one of the best flats fishing locations since it was first explored in the 1970s. It has allowed countless anglers to cut their teeth fly fishing for bonefish, trevally and triggerfish. The chance to visit this destination once is on every anglers bucket list.

Imagine having the chance to fish Christmas Island, not only once, but every year for the last 20 years. And not just for a week but the entire month of January. Sound impossible? Let me introduce you to one of the nicest guys to walk the flats of Christmas Island, Rob Ramsay. Rob began fly fishing Christmas Island in the 1990s and once he wrapped his head around the fishery and the quirks that make it truly unique he began organizing trips for his friends and family. As the word quickly spread through immediate group the sphere of anglers began to increase and soon Rob had the month of January planned out.

THE ULTIMATE ATOLL – Dylan Rose, Fly Water Travel

Every trip that arrives into Cassidy International Airport has a person that is assigned as the host. The host typically facilitates guests preparation for the trip, their arrival and smooths wrinkles as they move through the week. The ability of a host to do this well once is commendable. To do this for 4 weeks in a row is unbelievable. To do this every year for almost years earns the unique designation of Superhost.

In today’s world it seems common to have the sentiment of “been there, done that” and move onto the next adventure. I find Rob’s stories and appreciation of Christmas Island so authentic that I could listen to them for hours. From his first trip and then through the years Rob allowed Christmas Island and the great people that live there touch him deeply.

Rob with a Triggerfish

You will hear Rob download some amazing nuggets of info and experiences of why he has earned and wears the moniker of SuperHost. Rob recaps the history of fly fishing on Christmas Island, his own personal experiences and how he is still pushing the boundaries of what anglers experience on his trips.

Rob shares his experiences of success and failure and we get to discuss some of the common myths and narratives surrounding Christmas Island and what it takes to chase the fish there with a fly rod. Having hosted trips over the past 5 years I thought I was developing a pretty good understanding of the destination. At the end of our conversation not only did I realize I, excitingly, have a long way to go to understanding Christmas Island. But this recording made me as excited to visit as I was before my very first trip.

I hope you get stoked on this great saltwater destination and think hard about visiting for your first time or revisiting one of the most unique saltwater fly fishing destinations in the world.

I hope you enjoy


The Famous Moana Map (we have a large framed copy in the shop)

April 14-21, 2021 Christmas Island trip hosted by Jim Litchfield and the Reno Fly Shop

Tide Info for Christmas Island (spend some time with this to dial in your dates)

2019 Reno Fly Shop Hosted Trip Video

Rob’s bio:

Born into a fishy family in the East San Francisco Bay area. Outings to family in Nevada City/Grass Valley included fishing the many forks of the Yuba River. My Grandparent visits included Clear Lake bass excursions and a Great  Uncle had a cabin in the Santa Cruz Mountains that was awesome for winter steelhead on the San Lorenzo  River.

Keenly supported by my Father and family. I was hooked. All of this late 50’s early 60’s exposure provided a firm foundation for my love of this sport.

I spent the late 60’s and early 70’s going to college in Southern Oregon and tried to talk my fiance into getting married at an old fish hatchery in the Ft.  Klamath area. We ended up at Lake Tahoe.

Destination travel fishing started in the early 80’s to Alaska . Late 80’s through current times added saltwater venues to most of the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera and the Gulf side, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Seychelles atolls, St. Brandon’s atoll in Mauritius and my favorite Christmas Island.

Alaska’s March-Oct fishing season has had me as a resident since completing my cabin in 2008. Santa Cruz Mountains and Bishop is my residence in late Fall through Winter. Small late Fall stream fishing for resident browns and Goldens can be epic . San Lorenzo River kicks

into gear Dec1. Christmas Island is all of January. Feb is prep time for Alaska. ……………….repeat.

New and vintage fiberglass rods have been added to my freshwater excursions over the past few years and have added another twist to this sport for me.

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