EP022: Dave Stanley – Truckee River, Pyramid Lake and our Local Lake Fishing

“The Truckee River chose for itself to have really big fish over many fish”

– Dave Stanley

In this episode of the Reno Fly Shop Podcast I sit down with Dave Stanley who I consider to be emblematic with fly fishing, certainly in Reno/Tahoe and the eastern Sierras but also in much farther and greater impacts.

Dave and Kate in Mexico
Dave and Kate wishing they had their ladders in Mexico

Dave has significantly contributed fly fishing technique, fly design, locations to fish and approaches to fly fishing moving and still water. What I believe is one of his greatest contributions is his laid back generous style to the fly fishing community. So often things can become segmented and compartmentalized. Dave breaks down those barriers with generosity and humor. Dave is equal parts angler, hunter, musician, father and friend.


Through retail, guiding, teaching and often simply sharing great insight and perspective Dave can be credited with providing the access and opportunity for hundreds of us to fly fish today.  I am certainly stoked to consider myself one of those lucky anglers that were able to learn from Dave’s experience, good nature and generosity.

Since stepping away from the Shop in 2010 Dave has still guided and fished the Truckee River and our area lakes.  Dave also continues to pursue his well known passion for waterfowl hunting and guiding each and every season.

Dave doing what Dave does
Dave doing what Dave does

I got to sit down with Dave to discuss the history and trends of fly fishing in our area from his perspective.  He shares why fly fishing in our area lakes and reservoirs is one of the best kept secrets out there, why anglers have gravitated to fishing moving water versus stillwater and how he approaches fly fishing Pyramid Lake.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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