EP015: Jon Baiocchi – Lower Yuba River, Lake Davis and North Fork Yuba River

“Education on the resource is a big part of my approach for each and everyone of my guests” ~Jon Baiocchi, Baiocchi’s Troutfitters

Jon Baiocchi has been fly fishing northern California for most of his life.  After a career as a professional snowboarder and adventure sport athlete he settled in to being a trout guide and focuses his time in northern California and specifically the lower Yuba River, Lake Davis and the North Fork of the Yuba River.

Each and every one of Jon’s clients get a trip planner as much to get ready for their trip as it is to better educate them when they will venture out on their own after fishing a day with Jon.  He has very graciously offered up his Yuba River Trip Planner for our listeners.  Please download yours using the form below.  This is a special bonus we have put together.  Please use this form to download your copy.  Don’t forward the file to friends after downloading.  Simply share this podcast episode, the show notes or our blog post so they can download their own.

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Jon and I cover a ton of detail on these three waterbodies.  Hatches, leader setups, time of year and best flow conditions.  This is an episode you will most likely listen to over and over.  I suggest you grab a notebook to take notes.

Jon and clients during a clinic on the lower Yuba River.
Jon and clients during a clinic on the lower Yuba River.

Jon isn’t your typical western trout guide.  He won’t spend a lot of time on your shoulder hollering ‘set! set! set!’ or ‘mend! mend! mend!’.  He will share all of his knowledge on fly fishing techniques, tactics, flora, fauna and the biology of the surroundings.  Most of all he accomodates his guests interests and abilities to a great day on the water.

Happy client on the lower Yuba River
Happy client on the lower Yuba River

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Show Notes:

Jon’s Fly Fishing Blog

Baiocchi’s Troutfitters Guide Service

bugs bugs bugs
bugs bugs bugs

Flies we discuss.

Hogan Brown’s S&M Nymph

Hogan Brown's S&M Nymph (photo taken from http://stevenojai.tripod.com/smnymph.htm)
Hogan Brown’s S&M Nymph (pic from http://stevenojai.tripod.com/smnymph.htm)

Wiggle Tail Nymph

Jay Fair’s Wiggle Tail (pic from http://stevenojai.tripod.com/wignym.htm)

Rio Suppleflex Trout Leaders

Suppleflex Trout leaders are made of a very soft, supple copolymer material that has excellent knot strength.

      The supple nature of the material gives featherweight presentations and does not impede the natural movement of a fly in the current. These leaders are a perfect choice for the dry fly and soft hackle fly fisher.


  • Soft, supple material for perfect presentation
  • Hand tied perfection loop in the butt for quick rigging
  • Excellent knot and tensile strength

Ideal for:

  • Dry Flies
  • Soft Hackles
  • Emergers
  • Small Nymphs


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