EP036: George Daniel – Streamer Tactics, Techniques and Blending Styles to Catch More Trout

“There is often a time and place in real-world situations to move beyond defined and dictated techniques. To begin to blend and meld different approaches in the current unique situation. ”

-George Daniel

George Daniel’s experience and knowledge of fly fishing on it’s own is amazing but what truly sets him apart is his uncanny ability to communicate that knowledge to people that have a variety of different experience levels and interest in fly fishing. I can’t imagine anyone that spends any time with George won’t come away impacted by his burning curiosity and his own interest in continually getting better at fly fishing.

In this episode, George and I get the chance to break down his approach to streamer fishing, his experience in applying different tactics and techniques to different waters and how he blends different styles of fly fishing into a modern and refreshing approach to throwing streamers. I found it somewhat surprising how he will blend styles which I more associate with European Style Nymphing while using streamer flies. He is not opposed to dead drifting a streamer through a seam or pocket water. As well, he is not opposed to vary his use of weighted flies and fly lines in different scenarios.

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As you will hear he has spent a fair amount of time on our local rivers and is not unfamiliar with how challenging the Truckee River can be but has experienced first hand the rewards that are available to the angler that is willing to put in the work.

I hope you enjoy this episode with George

Show Notes:

Click here for Episode 18 where George and I chat about ESN and Dynamic Nymphing.

George’s Approach to Adjusting to Challenging Conditions when fishing streamers

  • Adjust weight to adjust the depth of the fly
  • Modify retrieve speed to change the behavior of the streamer
  • Change the fly color

The Versileader is one of the most underutilized tool in the fly anglers Streamer game.

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