The Wish List, New Gear and Upcoming Classes

Making your holiday shopping easier with the Reno Fly Shop’s WISH LIST

We have started a sort of Gift Registry for your holiday shopping.  We hope that you can use it to let someone know just exactly what you would like for Christmas or it might help a friend or family member come in and find out what that special person has been wanting from the Shop.

It is super simple we have a small box in the Shop next to the register.  In the box there are note cards that are alphabetized.  We ask everyone that would like to create a list to put their name on top of the card and then simply make a list of the things they would most like to see Santa bring (please make sure to include sizes).  If you are still confused just ask us when you stop in and we will walk you through it.


We have gotten in some super cool stuff that we brought in specifically for your fishing  Pyramid Lake.


LineKurv Stripping Basket @ Reno Fly Shop

Stripping baskets at Pyramid Lake have been growing in popularity.  They are a great way to be able to improve control of your running line.  Intermediate and sinking running lines are difficult to lift out of the water and prone to drifting with waves and current.  A stripping basket helps you control this.  We estimate that simply reducing the friction of lifting your running line from under the water will increase casting distance 20-30 feet.

We have now begun to carry Linekurv Stripping Baskets.  These so far are our favorites.  Semi rigid, light weight, grooves to hold your rod and points to separate your line are just a few of the many features of these very simple baskets.  We are stoked about the baskets but also take a look at this review at a great site.

AZ Wanderings review of the Linekurv Stripping Basket



Jay Fair’s Long Shuck just arrived.  This is a new chenille type material that will bring life and movement to your beetles, boobies and buggers!  And who doesn’t need more of that?  We have standard colors used at Pyramid, Chartreuse, Black, Purple, Cinnamon, etc.

TYING THE CAROT WITH MIKE SEXTON $30  January 7 @ Reno Fly Shop

We will have a great tying class just after the holidays.  Mike Sexton will be tying the crazy effective and super simple jigged nymph The Carot.  This is Mike’s very own creation and will peel back some curtains on his approach to nymphing moving waters.  Mike will not only show you how to the tie the fly but also how to fish it in our local waters.  Here is a short video to show you what things your will learn during the class.


Enjoy the holidays and hope to see you in the Shop soon!


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