Week 5 Results of Summer League | Lots of movement in the Leaderboard | Weekly Sponsor Risen Fly Fishing

Week 5 was the first time that we had the anglers compete during the morning. We did so to give the group a better chance to put fish in the net with cooler temps and light conditions. With these change in conditions we expected some movement in the leaderboard, and changes are what we got!!! The weekly high total was from Matt F. with a 45 min total inches at 88.25″ in the net. Matt was a drop-in and with this result was catapulted into second place overall!!!

With generous support from this weeks sponsor Risen Fly Fishing our group of 10 anglers were treated with a pile of swag. Hats, fly boxes and hooks/beads made the effort of starting early even sweeter.

The Truckee River did not disappoint. Anglers put the most fish to hand so far and while the overall leader still hasn’t changed (since week 2) we have a few competitors that are now within striking distance of the top spot or of a step on the podium with one week to go.

Here are the overall standings through Week 5

Overall Standings
Week 5
AnglerTotal Inches
(5 Week Total)
2Matt F88.25
3Matt H75
10Dave K10

Week 6 is the final week of this inaugural season. We are really stoked that we had the chance to host this league and will definitely be doing one again (maybe starting late September) stay tuned.

If you want to still get involved as a Drop-In or to watch a heat. We will be getting going this Saturday morning (8/24). Sign-in opens at 7. Drop-ins are encouraged and spectators are always welcome. 

If you simply want to check it out come on down about 7:15-30. You can follow a pairing out and see the program. Maybe you will want to get involved next season.

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