Summer League – Week 3 Results, Big Fish and Overall Standings

Week 3 of our Summer League was productive. Most anglers experienced an increase in numbers and overall size. This was anticipated as we go deeper into the summer league season. In part from the water conditions becoming prime but also the competitors are settling in and are being more efficient with their time and efforts.

The first 2 weeks weren’t super productive for the group so we still have a lot of opportunity for movement on the leaderboard.

AnglerTotal inches in Week 3AnglerInches Overall through Week 3*
Dave K152Dave K179.75 (+1)
Riley86Alex103.5 (-1)
Justin K53.5Riley86 (+6)
* movement from week 2

Some great fish were caught in Week 3. Here are the standing of the Big Fish Board

Big Fish Board through
Week 3
AnglerLength (inches)Species
Mike O20.75Brown

We will get going again this weekend at 7:45 am. Walk-in competitors are welcome. Also, if you are interested in finding out more about the league, please swing by Saturday morning. Spectators are welcome too.

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