Summer League – Week 2/Overall Results

Another great week in Summer League. The water in the Truckee River is still coming into summer shape but anglers were able to get to a lot more spots and able to fish on the Board!

Alan and JB – Week 2

During the heats it was just over 1,000 cfs. This is a dramatic change from week one when anglers needed to battle flows over 2,400 cfs. While still a bit on the high side for typical summer conditions a ton more channel was reachable and waded with greater ease. 

This week saw just about every beat get onto the board with score-able fish. The nets were evenly mixed between brown and rainbow trout. While the flows are still getting into shape, the bugs are out in force. A lot of little yellow stones, March Browns, Caddis and PMDs. 

We are going to take a break next week in observance of the 4th of July and will be back at it on Thursday, July 11. I hope you can come out and participate as a drop in or watch the anglers from the bank. The beats are mostly accessible for spectators.

Finally it is hard to get out take pictures of more than one heat each week and the ones closest to the Shop are easiest to get to. If there are anyone that is interested in photographing a beat during a week please contact me and we can try to get you out there.

Thanks again to the competitors for doing their best in continually changing conditions. This is the first time we have done this and, so far, it has been a work-in-progress, eye opening for all participants and a ton of fun.

Each week we will have a raffle sponsor for all participating anglers. This is to sweeten the experience and to show our appreciation for participating. Week 2 sponsor was Loon Outdoors. So a huge THANKS goes out to them for great prizes.

Overall results through Week 2AnglerTotal Inches
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