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Fly Fishing Report | July 24, 2014

As of today the Farad area is flowing in the 490 CFS. This is still a good volume to help maintain some good fishing. The recent rainstorms were a welcome relief and actually helped the fishing a bit. Although the caddis hatches are intermittent, there are still some evening rise opportunities in the right places. Search for the cascading pools and top of the riffles for evening rise opportunities. The section from Verdi to the Reno Fly Shop has been very productive! Again, the hatches are not heavy due to low water, but the fishing has been great in the morning and evening. All of the Reno Fly Shop staff have been fishing frequently and have been catching fish. Rainbows and browns are mainly caught while nymphing or fishing dry/dropper rigs. Caddis patterns and searching patterns have been the most productive. The big, buggy dries will bring up the occasional fish, so dust off the hopper patterns and get em wet! The flow in Reno is approximately 275 (7/24). Some of us who are streamer addicts are doing well on cloudy, rainy days by dead drifting crayfish patterns.

Dries: Missing Link Caddis #12-#14, Headlight Sallie #14, Charlie Boy #12
Nymphs: Psycho May PMD #12-#14, Micro May Glass Bead OLV #16, Z Wing Caddis
Streamer: Stanley Streamer Rainbow, Dead Drift Crayfish Tan and Olive

Spotty is the best description for the lower Truckee. From the Reno Fly Shop to East McCarran Bridge, fish are still grazing in the morning. Caddis hatches are the most prevalent and streamer fishing will produce for the committed. Below McCarran the fish are less active and finding the willing trout has been challenging. Fish the faster water and have the patience with the moss and you large browns and rainbows will take a fly. This is the time of year with temps and flows you might think about targeting carp. The carp is a RFS staff favorite and much more challenging and rewarding then many might think. A 20 pound fish is not out of the possibility and often you are sight fishing for them. Come into the shop and we can share some details on how to approach this great fishery. 263 CFS is today’s reading.

Dries: Snowshoe Caddis #12, Crippled Parachute BWO #14, Adams Superfly #16
Nymphs: 20 Incher, Carotene #12-#14, Birds Nest OLV #14
Streamer: Dirty Hippy, D’s Hover Mover

Fishing has been more challenging lately. Warmer surface temperatures have pushed the fish into deeper water. Those with the patience to get their nymphs deeper along drop offs and in the channels are still finding nice rainbows. Fish in areas where the creek channels converge, such as, Cow to Freeman or Freeman to Lightning. Intermediate lines to depths of 10 feet have been successful. Blood midge and other colored chrionomids are getting the most attention but don’t shy away from a double rig including a bugger and nymph or damsel/chrionomid. Surface activity has been limited to very early morning and just before sunset and the standard fare has been chrionomids.

Dries: Hex Cripple, Adult Damsel BLU, Thunder Thighs
Nymphs: Pickyfish Damsel, Brown Bomber, Partridge/Pheasant
Bugger/Leaches: Lake Dragon, Brunette Leech, Twin Lakes Special

Frenchman’s has very similar conditions to Davis. It is becoming more difficult to access certain areas due to weed beds and dwindling water however fishing has still been fair. Get into the deeper water where channels and ledges hit the 8’-10’ range. Sporadic caddis and midge hatch in the evening has a few noses poking up. When you find the fish, you will likely find several so go on the hunt and remember this is the time of year where diligence will make the difference.

Dries: Parachute Hopper, Foam Flying Ant, E/C Caddis
Nymphs: Nitro Caddis #14-#16, Yankee Buzzer Rootbeer #12, Sheep Creek #12

This little gem just keeps doing its thing! Great, at times challenging, dry fly fishing in the evening is getting attention from our Reno Fly Shop staff. Reports are very favorable with hatches to include Caddis, PMD’s, and rusty spinners (in eddy’s and tail outs). Current CFS is 48 and has been running this level since July 16th. This consistency has helped the hatches be more uniform and predictable making the LT experience one of the best in the area. Remember, the mosquitoes are voracious. Bring your favorite repellent.

Dries: Parachute Adams #16-#18, Hackle Stacker Pink #14
Nymphs: JuJu Baetis #18-#20, Birds Nest Tan #14, Swing Caddis

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We would like to welcome you to the new Reno Fly Shop website and are excited you are checking out our blog. Here we will bring you all of the latest information regarding the Reno Fly Shop. Check in regularly for information about new fly fishing gear, sales, classes and of course our ever valuable Fly Fishing Report. Want to know what they’re hitting on in the Little Truckee? We’ll let you know. Want to know how to tie an irresistible Green Drake dry fly? We’ll show you how. We want this blog along with our other social media sites to be our conduit to the fly fishing community. Thanks to your support the Reno Fly Shop is back in business and we couldn’t be more excited. So bookmark this page, sign up for our fishing report and let us share our passion for fly fishing with you.

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Reno Fly Shop Fishing Report

Reno Fly Shop Fishing Report (7/10) - Stay cool!!

The fishing has been just as hot as the weather outside.

Fish caught in this heat need to have some time to recover before you release them.  Attempth to bring them in quick and then take your time to release your catch.  Hold the fish allowing cool clean water to run through the mouth and gills.  When it is ready the fish will swim away on it’s own.

The shop website is just about done and looks great.  We wanted to have a fully functional site for everyone so we are putting on the finshing touches and will let you know very soon when it goes live.

Fishing Report for July 10, 2014

Truckee River

Flows on the upper river in the “canyon” are perfect and running near 500CFS.  As we have been experiencing 90-100 degree temperatures, the river temp is getting up there and the canyon always fishes best.  Stateline to the inlet of Prosser Creek has been consistent in the early morning and late evening.  Mother Nature has been providing the afternoon thunderstorms and cloud cover which gets the bugs moving and in turn the trout!  Hang out in your car as the squalls pass and then hit the river.  The fish are hanging in the faster water and is the perfect time for a dry/dropper rig. Caddis and Stone dries with a dropper have been getting a lot of interest. If nymphing is more your style, no problem, focus on the fast water seams with Caddis, Stone’s, or searching patterns. Crayfish patterns are really starting to produce on the cloudy afternoons whether you dead drift or pop ‘em off the deep pool bottoms.
Dry Flies:  Elk Hair Caddis #14-#18, Double Dutch Golden #8, Charlie Boy #10,
Nymphs:  Caddis Poopah #14, Nitro Caddis #14-#16, 20 Incher #8-#10, Dead Drift Crayfish #8
Streamers: Stanley Streamers #6
Recommended Equipment:  Cortland Competition Nymph Rod 10’6” 4wt

This section is still producing nice fish in the morning and the evening.  The temps are getting a climbing and the fish are starting to show it as the CFS has dropped to 200the wet wading now is a great way to beat the heat.  Wet wading is also a great way to keep the equipment to a minimum and fish a simpler way. With the water this warm attempt to get the fish in quick and spend a lot of time releasing. Cloudy afternoons and evenings are kicking off some good caddis hatches.  There have been significant lighting and severe weather around, so use caution! Crayfish patterns are really starting to produce here as well.  Keep your nymphs off the bottom to avoid the “river snot” on every cast.  Fish the deeper, faster moving water.
Dry Flies:  Madam X #10, E/C Caddis #14-#18
Nymphs:  Sexstone #8, Prince Nymph #14, Skinny Nelson #16-#18, Dead Drift Crayfish #8
Streamers:  Slap-n-Tickle
Recommended Equipment:  Simms Guard Sock (for wet wading)

Fishing has been very productive on the LT.  Dry fly fishing has been consistent with hatches of PMD’s, Caddis and a few remaining Green Drakes.  The fishing is spread out throughout the day with most dry fly action focused with PMD’s in the morning and caddis in evening.    The river is running at 65 CFS, so long leaders and a stealthy approach are needed to trick these educated fish.
Dry Flies:  Hackle Stacker Pink #16-#18, E/C Caddis #16-#18, Missing Link Drake #12
Nymphs:  Oops #18, Juju PMD #18-#20, Crystal Hunchback PMD #16-#18
Recommended Equipment:  Winston Boron III LS 4wt rod

Still seeing damsels at Davis and the fishing has become spotty during the morning hours.  Searching for activity on the surface is the key.  All hatches including damsels, blood midges, caddis, and callibaetis are still happening. Hex hatches in the evening are sporadic if the wind is significant.  Fishing the weed beds is still productive in the morning but by mid-day seek the deeper channels and fish in depths of 8-10 feet. Intermediate lines or dropping a blood midge off an indicator both produce.  The evening Hex hatch can be exciting. Use Hex nymphs prior to the hatch, emergers at the onset of the hatch and duns during the heat of the moment.
Dry Flies:  Loco Hex #6, Royal Humpy Red #12, Parachute Adams #12
Nymphs:  No Name Damsel, Brunette Leech #8, Frostbite Red #12-#14, Ice Cream Cone Red #12-#14
Recommended Equipment:  Umpqua Famous 2500 Boat Bag