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Pyramid Lake Wind Conditions

The lake really has turned on in the last couple of weeks. We have been catching fish all over the lake with the mid lake fishing the most consistent. The afternoon bite seems to be the most active, 3:00 p.m. until dark. It seems that both nymph fishing and dragging streamers is producing fish. Many of the fish being caught now are the Summit Lake strain and it seems that they are starting their spawn. Things should get better and better.

The Boobie has been our go to trailing fly when we are dragging streamers. We have quite a few in stock now and have created a demo video to help you tie your own. This fly and some of the tying material is only available at the Reno Fly Shop so come in a take a look. Click on the image below to watch the video.

Flies: Midnight Cowboy, Bunny Stripper, Boobie Char/White and Black/Purple, Game Changer Rainbow

TRUCKEE RIVER – EAST TRUCKEEStarting at the Reno Fly Shop and ending at Derby Dam

This mild weather has been good for a few things. The winter-ish fishing on the main Truckee east of Reno has been really good. The water temps have crept up with the wamer weather and the fish have responded accordingly. We have taken seen some mid afternoon temps creeping into the upper 40s which is a great place for bug activity and for trout to start moving around. We have been picking up a lot of fish with the dry dropper and high stick techniques. If the wind stays down the afternoons with a bit of cloud cover can have some great dry fly fishing. The Baetis hatch can be somewhat sporadic and fleeting. We find it best to come prepared with a couple rods rigged for different techniques and it can save time when the fish start feeding on the surface.

The flow in Reno is approximately 210 cfs.

Dries: Para BWO #18 and #20, Hackle Stacker BWO #16 and #18
Nymphs: Oops #14 and #16, Mighty May Sloan Baetis #18 and #20, Copper John Black #16 and #18, Restless Stone DK Brown-Olive #10
Streamer: Weir’s Sculpin, Bellyache Minnow

TRUCKEE RIVER – WEST TRUCKEE – From Tahoe to downtown Reno

Water temps and wind have been making it tough on the California section of the main Truckee with the section through Reno has been fishing pretty good. We are still getting out when we can to find how the fish faired with the low/warm water this summer and feel that things are still in a state of adjustment. High sticking in Reno mid day and afternoons have been producing some very healthy (fattish) rainbows.

The Farad gage is flowing approximately 240 cfs.

Dries: Para Madam X Peacock #10
Nymphs: Red Butt #14 and #16, Copper John Black #14 and #16, San Juan Worm Red #12
Streamer: Bellyache Minnow Olive






Jon Baiocchi will be our guest speaker on February 26th sharing about fly fishing on three different waters in Northern California. Two rivers and a stillwater, that are all exciting, all lovely and all filled with great fish. he’ll be focusing on Plumas and Sierra Counties where you’ll learn about the pristine watershed of the North Fork of the Yuba River, the designated “Wild and Scenic” Middle Fork of the Feather River and the amazing Lake Davis.
Jon is excited about coming to The Reno Fly Shop and giving us all a visual tour about a few of his “home” waters. He’ll show us great fly fishing opportunities and how to take advantage of them. We’ll learn about the gear to use, exactly where to go, including where the access points are, the entomology in the areas and how to approach the fishing during all four seasons.

We’ll see wonderful photography (including beautiful flora and fauna), and maps and diagrams that can set us up for great adventures in the future. We will also be given insider tips and current information such as the origin of the spectacular hexagenia mayfly hatch at Lake Davis that just “popped” into existence two years ago. The biomass of this lake makes it one of the healthiest and most productive fisheries in our state.

These three fisheries are only an hour to an hour and a half from Reno, and offer the very best of the Northern Sierra.

the carot_reno fly shop


FEBRUARY 11 AND 18 – 6:30 p.m. – $30 (includes tying materials)

Our Winter Fly Tying Series continues this month with us taking a step back from pattern specific classes and covering some basics of styles and techniques to tie the most effective patterns we have in our boxes during winter fishing on the Truckee River.

We will present and discuss tools and how to best use them. Also we will cover bug anatomy and how to size the tied fly accordingly. This will be a great group of classes to build your box up to have some of the simplest and most effective patterns we use everyday during winter fishing on the Truckee.

Please bring your own tools if you have them or purchase them here at the shop before the class.

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