Rainbow Trout are spawning. Take it easy on ’em.

Would you want someone you didn’t know messing with you when you were focused on very personal business?  Nope and our good friends the Rainbow Trout don’t either.  They are in their spawn right now and will be on their redds.  Give them space.

Good friend and great local guide Arlo Townsend has written an article on what to look for and why to leave them alone.



by: Arlo Townsend, www.arlosflyfishingservices.com

As we enter spring, remember to do your part by staying away from spawning trout.
As the shoulder seasons emerge and climates gradually shift, the behavior of trout in our rivers and streams begins to focus on one thing…spawning. Successful reproduction is the life goal of a trout. Annual successful spawns are an integral part of our future trout populations. Trout are fragile creatures, especially during mating routines. The more we understand about what trout go through in order to make future baby trout, the more effective we can be in protecting our fish resources. Rainbow and cutthroat trout generally spawn in the spring (March-May) as the days grow longer and water temperatures increase to the optimum spawning range. Brown trout spawn in the fall (Oct.-Dec) when water temperatures drop into their ideal range. Click here for more.

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