Pyramid Lake – Spring Time Nymphs | April 2017

In short, fishing at Pyramid lately has been great. It almost doesn’t feel right after the winter and lake closures we had this year, but aside from the stray storm here and there the weather has actually been on the brink of warm and that doesn’t seem to be bothering the fish at all either.

Seems uncharacteristic of those Pyramid trout but I guess they had enough of the snow too.

As far as the insects are concerned this time of year is when things really start to come to life. The Spawning Channel in Sutcliffe is pumping water now as well and the Summit Lake Strain are really starting to cruise the middle section of the lake. You can expect that the North Nets and Pelican will be lined out most days of the week. Here at the shop, that means sinking lines start to take a backseat and that bobbers and nymphs get a front row seat to the show.

In the shop we have been getting a lot of phone calls and questions as to what nymphs have been successful recently. Lately, the ticket has been anything small (size 12) and red. Midge patterns being the best overall. Often overlooked though are flies more associated with the river. Following right behind midges in terms success have been Pheasant Tails and Copper Johns. Especially on more calm days these flies can do very well and sometimes it’s just about having something different dangling over the drop off.

The photo below shows examples of flies that have been producing consistent amounts fish over the last week.  If I had to put a number on it, I would say 8/10 fish being caught under indicators are on some sort of nymph, while the other 2 are on leeches.

These flies (all available here in the Reno Fly Shop) are named in no particular order beneath the picture. Swing by and grab a few or if you are from out of town give us a call and we are ready to ship a bunch to you.

Pyramid Flies

Peacock Balanced Leech, Red/Brown Balanced Leech, Root Beer Yankee Buzzer, Yellow Copper John, Copper John, Rootbeer ChironoCone Midge, G-String, Wine UV Tease, 49’er Midge, Copper/Gold Midge, Red Pilot Nymph, Blue Spark Plug, Bead Head Pheasant Tail, and Red ChironoCone Midge.


Matt Needs is a staff member at the Reno Fly Shop.  He is also a student at the Univ. of Nevada studying Geological Engineering. When not in class or the shop Matt is fly fishing all of our local waters and the steelhead Rivers of western Oregon.  In summer Matt is a fly fishing guide in Montana and will be found most days on the oars of his drift boat with clients throwing dry flies.

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