Pyramid Lake | Early Season Recap and Gear Essentials

We are wrapping up the first two weeks of the Pyramid Lake season and the fishing has been wide open. The conditions are different enough (compared to previous seasons) we thought we would provide a recap and some hints on how we are fishing it and what gear we have found helpful.

We hope you are getting out to the lake and enjoying this fantastic Fall weather. The fishing should get better and better and we hope you find this recap and gear suggestions helpful.


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Recap of the first two weeks of the Season at Pyramid Lake

The 2021-22 Pyramid Lake season is a few weeks old and we want to provide a quick recap and some suggestions on what gear we have been using at the lake.

Brad has had an epic start to the season

This Fall has been a bit different than previous seasons. First off, the surface water temps are in the low to mid 60s. This is the single biggest variable that has adjusted our typical early season approach. Historically surface or near surface temps in early October are in the mid 70s and the trout can be very deep reluctantly coming up to feed and then quickly descending to better conditions. This deep water behavior usually relegates our approach to use float tubes or fish from a boat in very deep water. However with the water temperature in the low to mid 60s we are finding fish shallow and staying up and giving us many more chances from tubes and shore. We have experienced many double digit fish days with quite a few 10 plus pounders mixed in. 

We are still predominantly fishing heavy fast sinking lines with stripping flies but have watched quite a few anglers do well on floating lines with balanced leech and chironomids. Enough so that with the recent storms and forecasted cooler temps we will not leave the floating lines at home.

The early season at Pyramid, Oct 1 to Thanksgiving, can provide some of the best fishing conditions throughout the season. Sunny and calm weather allows for boat/ float tube launching to access fish in deeper water . Many of the fish staging in deeper water at this time are putting on weight before the long winter.

Pyramid Lake Flies We Suggest: Boobies (Spanish Olive, Cat Whisker, Diablo), Pyramid Lake Beetle, Bellyache Minnow, Jans Tui-Chub, Balanced Leech, Holographic Midge, Pyramid Lake Fly Selection

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