Pyramid Lake and Truckee River Fishing Report | March 31, 2017

            FLY FISHING REPORT – March 31, 2017

Big Truckee River

Well quite a bit has happened since our last report.  It seems while most of the winter weather is behind us we are sure to have a few more storms to keep things interesting.  We have had historic snowfall amounts this winter and as a result the Big T is flowing high and in places off color. I don’t believe runoff has truly started so I expect flows to continue to rise as the weather warms up moving into spring/summer.  I will monitor the river forecast and make the information available on our website and will always share if you stop by the shop.


High flows can make access to some of the more familiar places a bit challenging and exploration to new spots will pay off well.  The Truckee River hasn’t seen flows like this for a very long time and the River needs a good flushing after several years of drought.

Andrew with a hungry NV Brown Trout

Andrew with a hungry NV Brown Trout

Andrew Richter, an RFS ambassador, puts in his time and has been coming up with some beautiful fish out of the Big T. Andrew can be found almost exclusively using the European Style Nymphing that I have covered on the podcast with George Daniel – Episode 18 and more recently with Lance Egan – Episode 27. Andrew also has prepared a great article on his approach and tactics that is available on our website that he titled: Spring High Water and Your Best Approach to Big Trout.

Nymphing the soft water along the edges will give you best shot at some of the famous Truckee River Trout. Also as you move higher up in the system fewer tributaries combined to color the water.  It can be clear and streamers can get a feisty Rainbow to net.


Flies:  Jawbreaker rust, Stonedaddy #6 and #8, San Juan Worm red, Copper John red, Bellyache Minnow and Wooly Buggers black, olive and brown



The fly fishing at Pyramid Lake has been great! The Lake has entered the third and final part of the season. Mike Anderson, RFS Guide, has done a great job describing this late period of the season. What can be expected and how best to approach fishing one of the best times of the year out at Pyramid Lake.


As Mike suggests the bite should be wide open for the next few weeks as weather and water continues to warm and the fish move into shallow water.  Both the strip bite and floating lines will produce fish and if one isn’t work it is best to switch to another before moving beaches.

When fishing midge and balanced leech on floating lines, with or without indicators, depth is everything. If things feel fishy keep moving depths until you find the right one. The bite/take can be pretty soft this time of year so try experimenting with a floating line without an indicator fishing in the Naked Style we cover with Phil Rowley in Episode 20 of the podcast.

While stripping or retrieving flies try to vary your retrieve. I believe this can trigger a predator/prey response from trout following up and will often make the difference in seeing one swim away or bringing one to net.

Flies:  Boobies all colors, Midnight Cowboy, Wooly Bugger Black with Red Tail, Tadpole, Holo Midge dopper/black/dopper and UV Tease red and black

Pyramid scenery father and sons-4 (1)

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