Fly Tying Kit: Booby Fly

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We have prepared a tying kit and tutorial for one of the Pyramid Lake favorites, the Booby Fly. We first introduced this UK pattern to Pyramid Lake a few years ago and it quickly became an favorite attractor pattern on a sinking line. This is a popular attractor pattern for Pyramid Lake and is a great pattern paired with a Jan’s Tui Chub or other stream pattern. Double Booby rigs are effective for increased action and keeping both flies off of the bottom. Tying kits for this popular fly can be purchased both online and in the store.

Each kit will have the materials to tie 6 flies. These tying kits are available in-store and online.

Fly Tying Kits for the Booby Fly are available in all of the custom colors our retail Booby Flies come in:

  • Cat Whisker (Chartreuse/White)
  • Dark Lord (Purple/Black)
  • Deadpool (Red/Black)
  • Spanish Olive (Olive/Red)

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