Our Response to Current Situation – March 19, 2020

This is going to be rough but I believe the Reno Fly Shop will make it through. Mine like so many other small businesses will continue to strive to meet your needs to get outside for fresh air, recreation and enjoyment. Fly fishing is a beautiful activity and one that we can use for physical fitness, stress relief while still adhering to personal distance recommendations.

With your support, my business and the fly fishing community, by coming together and doing our individual part, have the chance to be stronger as a result of this very serious situation.

By order of the Nevada Governor non-essential businesses meeting certain criteria have been ordered to adhere to a 30 day closure starting March 18. It is my intent to respect this order, as well as, continue to serve the Reno Fly Shop community through this very difficult time to the extent I can.

The following adaptations will be in effect immediately in compliance of the Governors order, doing our part to attempt the curve of virus advancement and to serve you as members of the fly fishing community.

  • The store is thoroughly cleaned regularly and surfaces are disinfected with Chlorine solution. Hand sanitizer is used between serving customers and packaging each online and phone order. 
  • Online orders are strongly encouraged and very much appreciated. 
    • Orders exceeding $25 will receive free shipping.
    • We are quickly adding inventory to our online store. Please check often to see availability of product.
  • Online orders will have a Local Pick-Up option at check out. If you utilize this we will have your items available as soon as we can. We will call the submitted phone number as soon as the order is compiled. Often within hours of receiving it.
  • The Reno Fly Shop will be open Monday-Saturday, 9-4, for drive up orders. Adhering to physical distance requirements we will gladly get you flies, gear and merchandise and deliver it while you wait comfortably in our parking lot. Please call 775-323-3474 to let us know what you need.
  • We are planning some fun and informative online programming that I hope you all get involved in. Please stay tuned and ready for some creative content and ways to interact.
  • We will do everything in our power to continue to serve your needs to use fly fishing and fly tying as an activity for physical fitness, recreational enjoyment and stress relief.

I appreciate all of the support and message received. Keep them coming!!

Jim, Mike, Aden, Brierley, Dave, JB and Lanie

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