Lower Deschutes River Float Trips this summer with Renton River Adventures

I hope you got the chance to listen to our podcast episode with David and Dillon Renton (episode 50), when we covered their lower Deschutes River float trips. If not, you can listen or re-listen here.

I was recently speaking to Dillon on how his summer is going. They have started their Salmonfly trout program and it is shaping up to be a great season.

They are expecting a good summer of Salmonfly, caddis and mayfly hatches. This can be the perfect recipe for dry fly fishing on one of the prettiest desert rivers in the western U.S.

We had such a great response from the release of their episode I thought I would circle back with listeners and readers to let you all know of the few remaining dates with the Rentons. I hope you can take a look and fit it into your summer plans. It will be well worth it!

June 1-3: 2 spots – Salmonfly

June 4-7: 2 spots – Salmonfly

June 20-23: 4 spots – Caddis/Mayfly

June 25-27: 4 spots – Caddis/Mayfly

July 1-4: 4 spots – Caddis/Mayfly

July 9-11: 2 spots – Caddis/Mayfly

July 27-30: 2 spots – Caddis/Mayfly

Click this link to find out more details.

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