Introducing the Dragon Booby

Last year we began to test a new booby variation that we wanted to use that would represent, among other things, a dragonfly nymph.

This is what we arrived at and let me tell you it fishes amazing!

We just completed a naming contest and @jsgremp came up with the name – Dragon Booby.

This is available in our online store with all of our other locally tied Pyramid Lake flies.


Booby Fly

$ 2.95

The Booby Fly from the Reno Fly Shop has quickly become one of the go-to patterns at Pyramid Lake when retrieving flies on a sinking line. Used alone or combined with a streamer this is a very effective pattern.


Additional information

Weight 0.001 oz
Booby Color

Cat Whisker, Dragon, Deadpool, Spanish Olive, Dirty Martini, Dark Lord

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