Holiday Season Fly Fishing Report


Pyramid Lake
The Lake has been fishing hot one day and cold the next. Sometimes it can turn on and off in the same day… When it is good it is really good and anglers are catching good numbers and simply huge fish. The afternoon bite seems to be the best and as always a stormy day with the wind in your face seems to bring the fish to you.

Where in previous reports we suggest a “stick and move” technique if the fishing wasn’t good. Now we would suggest find a beach with an accessible drop off, some current and wind in your face and set up and keep at it until the fish come in. You can move around but if the first three things are met the fish should cooperate and the afternoon bite should be on.

Flies: Weir’s Sculpin, Hook-Up Olive and Chartreuse, Bellyache Minnow #1/0, Balanced Red Spot Leech Black, Olive, White and Peacock, and of course, the Boobie Chartreuse and Black

Main Truckee River (between Little Truckee confluence and east Verdi)
The water temps have cooled a bunch and will cool further with the current storms. The fish will be in slower water and not moving around as much. This time of year a one or two fish day is a good day. But those one or two fish will most likely be bruisers. Come prepared and hang on for the ride.


Swinging streamers will work too. Focus on more traditional swinging water, tailouts and pool terminus will be the best spots.

Flies: Flashtail Bugger #10 Black and Olive, Carotene #14, Skipper Stone #8 and #10 and Jigged Soft Spot #16

Upcoming Class Schedule and Events

Winter Series on Fly Fishing Basics
December 1st, 3rd and 8th 6:30 at the Reno Fly Shop

Huge response for our first pass so we added another round of our winter series on fly fishing. We have our second series scheduled for December 1st, 3rd and 8th.

Dec. 1st – Introduction to Fly Fishing, Styles for moving and stillwater, Knots and Rigging and much more.

Dec. 3rd – Basic Fly Tying – Tools, techniques and tying some of the most effective patterns in all of our fly boxes.

Dec. 8th – Fly Casting – Getting together and putting fly rods in our hands is what it is all about. We will find a place that we will cover most of the casting techniques you will use on moving and stillwaters.

The classes are $25 per class or $60 for all three and will be held with 3 to 6 participants. Please call the shop with any questions and more details.

Intermediate Fly Tying with Jan Nemic
December 9th and 30th @6:30-8:30 at the Reno Fly Shop

Learn to tie the Hook Up Streamer with the fly’s creator Jan Nemec. This pattern is especially productive in fall at Pyramid Lake, and in Spring on the Truckee and East Walker Rivers. An excellent pattern for a multitude of coldwater and saltwater species.

Cost is $60 and includes material. This class is open to intermediate and advanced tiers and is limited to only 4 tiers. The class is free with the purchase of one of our premium vises.


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