Fly Fishing Report | Truckee River (Nevada) | early April 2020 | A Carotene Tying Tutorial

We hope that this report finds everyone healthy, happy and ready for some great spring weather in northern Nevada. Before we get into the details of todays report we want to encourage everyone to “do their part” and adhere to the Governor Sisolak’s directives and recommendations with respect to and while getting out to enjoy the outdoors.

We are here at the shop Mon-Fri, 9-4 to accept phone orders for pickup and to fulfill online orders. We have kept very busy and it is great to connect with you in way we can.

We want to express our appreciation for the chance to support your time on the water and at the vise while we all try to navigate this period of time. Hang in there and know that we are here to help you with any fly fishing needs you might have.

The Truckee River flows have bumped up this past week. This is due to releases from upstream storage more than spring runoff starting.

Click the image for realtime flow condtions.

Fishing conditions have gone up and down with flows. More than anything this is a result of the fish moving to new locations than not eating. All of the typical bugs are in the system and the fish are eating as expected. We as anglers need to adapt to the fish behavior to increase our success.

Fish will move to the edge of the channel as water flow increases. So, fish your way into the water. We are finding bigger fish tucked in tight to the bank right now.

Streamers have been working when we are searching water for big fish. While not a numbers game streamers can help you net a Truckee River brown trout that make memories.

Euro Style Nymphing is still a great way to fish a piece of water, methodically and thoroughly. Again, fish your way into the water and you will often increase your chances of putting fish in the net.

As water flow increases an indicator can help a ton to make farther casts and to fish over competing currents. Make sure you have some with you the next time on the water.

Flies we Suggest: Carot, Perdigon, Spanish Bullet, Masked Marauder, Para Madam X, March Brown (adult), Jigged PT, Cheech Leech, The One and Weir’s Sculpin

Tying Tutorial for the Carotene

Mike Anderson tying the Carotene (Carot)

One of the most popular searching nymphs we sell here in the shop is the Carotene, an ESN standard. This suggestive pattern fits squarely into what trout are used to eating, things that are 1/2″ long, brown and fuzzy. Where the Carot really stands out is the upsized tungsten bead and the Glo-Brite floss ribbing. The Glo Brite on the Carot is the secret sauce to it’s effectiveness.

The Carot

If you want to tie your own here is the parts list and for your convenience we have put together a few kits available through our online store that have all of the the materials compiled for you.

Hook: Firehole 633 #12, #14 and #16

Bead: Plummeting Tungsten 3.8mm, 3.3mm and 2.8mm in Copper. This recommendation is upsizing from your standard hook size for added weight.

Tail: Coq de Leon #1 Light Speckled Pardo

Body: Dave Whitlock – Scud and Shrimp Tan

Thorax: Ice Dub UV Black

Ribbing: Glo Brite Fl. Orange

Thread: 70 Denier Black

Tying Kit for the Carotene

(all material for 5 flies and one finished sample fly)

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