Reno Fly Shop Fly Fishing Report – Truckee River and Pyramid Lake – Mid January 2018

Truckee River

With cooler temps and some winter storms the fish have responded by moving into the pools or slower runs. The trout are hugging the bottom and feeding selectively. The fish will not move a lot this time of year to eat so being methodical and covering water well and effectively is key.


If you don’t see fish actively eating on the surfact the best tactic is ESN (European Style Nymphing). Using a longer leader and tippit with more weight on your rig will be the best way to get your flies into the depth that the fish are at. For weight you can either use a heavy point fly, Biot Epoxy Stone, Jawbreaker or Dead Drift Crayfish, or set up a drop shot rig. If you have questions about a drop shot rig swing by the shop and we will walk you through the steps.

Overcast days have shown BWO (Blue Winged Olive/Baetis) hatches with some fish rising to them. With a few more storms forecast in the coming weeks I would expect the hatches to become more prolific with the fish responding in shallower, slower water. Streamers can also be effective with the overcast skies. Mending frequently to slow down your fly would be the best way to present a heavily weighted streamer, Sculpzilla and BH Krystal Bugger.

Flies That We Suggest: Black Copper John #18, Biot Epoxy Stone #10, Carot #16, Perdigon red #16, Rainbow Warrior #16, Zebra Midge Black and Red #20-18, Crystal PT #20 and 18, Sculpzilla White, Jawbreaker White and Rust

Pyramid Lake

Mild and dry weather is keeping the fish in deeper water, but there is some good news! Storms are beginning to stack up for the rest of the month, and the fish that we have been catching are sporting their spawning colors and will showing up in the shallows soon.

Fish have been hoovering at about 20 ft depths but out in 40+ feet of water. That is why it has been tough to reach the fish from shore. It shows though that they are wanting to come in and on stormy days they are. This is not the time of year where we expect to catch 50 fish. A good day would be around 10 fish in the winter. Fish have been eating from sunrise to 10 am. Then a lull mid day with things picking back up with an afternoon bite after the sun dips behind the western mountains.

Both the retrieve and floating bite have been good when the fish come in. When they are coming in to feed they have not been too picky on color. Olive, peacock, black, and white/chart have been the most productive colors for us and our clients.

Flies That We Suggest: Balanced Leech Olive Peacock Brown and Black, Boobie Chart/white Diablo Spanish olive, Beatle Chart/white Back/red, Midnight Cowboy, UV Tease Wine, Holo Midge Copper/wine and Black/silver


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