Fly Fishing Report | Truckee River and Other Waters | mid September

Sep 8, 2022 | FISHING REPORT, Pyramid Lake, Truckee River

Truckee River

The Truckee River continues to fish well as we enter into mid September. Flows have remained consistent on the Nevada side and it’s been a pleasant surprise to see flows in the canyon section hover around 500 cfs. Typical of late summer, crayfish have made up a significant portion of the trout’s diet in the river. We are still experiencing hot days and as a result are seeing the best fishing in low light/cooler periods early and late in the day.

On the Nevada side, flows have been steady between 250-300 cfs. With steady flows, several sections of the Nevada side have fished well. With these consitent flows it seems as if the fish are moving around during the day and finding water conditions best suited them at the time. When water temperatures are at their lowest, fish have been holding in slow water towards the bottom of runs and pools. As the water temperature creeps up, fish tend to move into faster water. When fishing the faster water, try to adjust fly weight to get the right drift. While crayfish are a significant feed item, there are other food for trout available. As the daily temperature increases, small mayflies have continued to hatch. These mayflies vary in a size range of 16-20. When running a double nymph setup, a small mayfly in size 16-20 will work. Flies such as the Jig TNT, Spanish Bullet, or Galloup’s Jig BWO are a great choice to represent the small mayflies. Additionally, caddis patterns have worked well in similar sizes, try the G6, Krystal Caddis and the OCD

Streamer action has increased as the crayfish activity has increased. Streamer patterns have varied greatly. In low light conditions, large patterns in darker colors (olive,black, or brown) swung through slower water and tailouts have worked. As the sun comes out and temperature increases, fishing fast and shallow water with brighter streamers has been our choice. Crayfish often get dislodged and tumble through heavy current. For those willing to venture into the night, we have arrived at the time of year when mouse fishing is at its best. Now available is the Mousey McMouseface – an articulated foam mouse with a sharp stinger hook hidden in its tail. This fly pushes water well and has tantalizing swimming action. Many of the smaller jig streamers have worked well recently when fished on an ESN rod. 

While dry fly fishing is not typically associated with the Truckee River, this time of year can provide good conditions to fish a hopper-dropper rig. With fish holding in fast and shallow water, this rig gives a good presentation for both a dry fly and a nymph. A 2-4’ section of tippet between the dry fly and nymph will allow the nymph to get to a good depth in most cases. Our newly received Chernobyl Super Hopper is available in a golden color and is available for purchase online and in-store.

Flies we Suggest: Rusty Spinner, Chernobyl Super Hopper, Panty Dropper Hopper, Mini Crayfish Jig, TJ Hooker, Nemec Stone, Daniel’s UV Polar Jig, Micro Mayfly, Spanish Bullet, Jig TNT, Galloup’s Jig BWO, Barely Legal, Mousey McMouseface, Sparkle Minnow

Other Area Waters

Heenan Lake has opened for it’s short season (Sept-Oct) and fishing has been very good in the first week. Typical of late summer, fish are concentrated at deeper depths anywhere from 15-25 feet. This is a local favorite since Lahontan Cutthroat Trout (LCT) inhabit the lake. While these fish are a bit smaller than the LCT at Pyramid Lake, they can achieve large size in a short time due to the available feed in the lake. Shore fishing can be tough at Heenan due the weed growth along the edges of the lake, so a boat of some kind float tube will help get you into fishable water. There are a variety of ways to fish the lake, with a deep water indicator setup being the most popular and effective. By using a Jay da Cator on a long leader with bobber stoppers, you can suspend flies at depths in the 15-30’ range. Chironomids account for many caught fish and work best when suspended within a foot of the lake bottom. These flies can also be placed effectively in the target zone on a full sink line. Additionally, scuds and leeches fished along the vertical weed lines work well when targeting cruising fish. With a limited fishing season, now is the time to fish Heenan Lake.

Flies we suggest: Holographic Midge, Yankee Buzzer, Mini Jigged Leech, Balanced Leech, Hale Bopp Leech

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