Fly Fishing Report | Truckee River and local Stillwaters | mid May 2021

Truckee River 

The Truckee River is flowing at 620 CFS through the downtown gauge and the river is ending the day slightly above 60 degrees already. We’re experiencing some runoff as the river has become cloudy and slightly dirty every now and then, depending on the snowpack melting in the higher altitudes and causing our smaller tributaries to flood. The river has not been un-fish- able yet during these times of diminished visibility, but it is something that you want to keep an eye on. 

Otherwise the fishing has been good to very good. The higher flows do allow the trout to hide in more areas, but the fish are willing to eat when you find them. Cutthroat have been stocked in the river and are a fun opportunity to catch a lot of fish (focus on public parks throughout the Truckee Meadows). We’re finding the majority of wild trout in faster water types. Using ESN tactics have been very effective as indicator rigs can struggle to get deep enough in the fast water. There is still a lot of bug diversity in the Truckee River, so most nymphs from a size 18-12 have been working. I’ve been focusing on the smaller nymphs (18-16) when I can. Otherwise, I’ve been fishing 12s in order to get deep quickly. 

Belly Ache Minnow

The steamer bite has been good too! With the influx of cutthroat in the river a lot of our larger predatory trout have been foraging on the smaller stocked fish. 

Truckee River Flies We Suggest: Carot, Perdigon, Snowshoe Yellow Stonefly, Bead Head Krystal Caddis, Hot Spot Nymph, Masked Marauder, Truckee River Dozen , San Juan Worm, Squirmy Worm, Sculpzilla, Redemption PMD

Local Still Waters

Pyramid Lake has been fishing ok in the early morning and late afternoon. Temperatures have really increased this last week, we’re not seeing the Tui-Chub yet but we’re not far off now. Retrieving flies and Indicators have been catching fish. The LCT are still shallow but seem to be retreating into the deeper water as we’re not seeing them in the same numbers along shore as in previous weeks. Overcast/stormy days have been very productive as the shallow fish turn on the bite. I would try to time a last minute last trip of the season for an overcast day, or break out the float tube and fish deeper water. 

Most of our reservoirs and lakes (except in the higher elevations) are ice free and fishing well. We are looking forward to a good carpenter ant hatch this year. This hatch and most terrestrials will become active when the temperatures regularly get above 60 degrees around 6000 feet elevation. Otherwise, midges and streamers in shallower water have been fishing well with some Caddis and mayfly dry fly action. 

Stillwater  Flies We Suggest: Boobies (Spanish Olive, Cat Whisker, Diablo), Pyramid Lake Beetle, Bellyache Minnow, Jans Tui-Chub, Balanced Leech, Holographic Midge, Pyramid Lake Fly Selection Yankee Buzzer, Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams, Flying Ant, Red Eye Damsel

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