Fly Fishing Report – Truckee River and local reservoirs – early June 2018

Truckee River

The Truckee River is flowing around 650 CFS at the downtown gauge. This is a good flow for this time of year, and the Truckee River is in really great shape. The peak runoff is over and we will see stable flows as the last bit of snow makes it off the highest mountain tops. Any change in flow will be weather or a change in water management releases.

Fishing has been really good with a lot of fish being caught all over the watershed. Fish are not being too picky and pump samples have shown an abundance of insects in trout stomachs. When approaching a new or familiar piece of water take the advice Devin Olsen shared in the latest Reno Fly Shop Podcast (Episode 41) when asked about prioritizing decisions on the water, “depth of fly is first, then fly size, then fly color.”

Fish are not being particularly selective right now, and there is a bunch of bugs available on the Truckee River ants, mayflies, little yellow stones, and caddis are all present at different times of day and water types. For us here at the shop and with our clients, European Style Nymphing has been the most effective on the big Truckee River. This tactic allows the angler to reach the right depth and controlling that depth through the entire drift.

Flies That We Suggest: Pat’s Rubber Legs, Spanish Bullet, Hot Cheeks, Perdigon Red, Cdc Red Tag, Sculpzilla White and Natural

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Shop News

We continue to bring in more inventory to support your summer outings. We have really stepped up our ESN game and now have a full compliment of rods, lines and flies specifically for this highly effective technique on the Truckee River. Here is a quick review of some of the rods and flies the RFS staff are are using this summer.


ECHO Shadow II – 10’6″4wt and 10′ 3wt – $250 – is a really popular choice for the Truckee River. Light and fast, the Shadow II offers critical line feel and control with an action that will also toss a loop when the bugs start flying.

Cortland MKII – 11′ 3wt – $675 – the rods used during the filming of the Modern Nymphing films. These premium rods are fast, light and have surprising amount of backbone when the work really starts to happen. This is a dedicated ESN technique rod that will be the right choice when you want a premium dedicasted nymph rod.

In stepping up our ESN game we have added a bunch of new flies to our already extensive selection

Come check out these super cool and effective European Style Nymphs from Fulling Mill

Hot Butt, Hot CheeksHot Spot, Spanish Bullets and Frenchies

Hot Cheeks
Hot Spot
Spanish Bullet
Hot Butt







Frenchmans, Davis, and other area Stillwater

The ants are out. Carpenter ants are showing themselves, and the fishing on top has been great as a result. This is annual hatch is usually pretty short so take advantage of it while you can. Otherwise, Callibaetis nymphs with or without an indicator and chironomids fished the same way have been very effective towards midday with morning and evening hatches of these insects bookending the day. Streamer patterns (Wooly Buggers, Sheep Creek Specials and Thin Mints) have been doing well too on intermediate lines or full sink lines. Weather for the first part of the month looks amazing with highs in the 80’s and full sun to scattered cloudy days. We have been keeping an eye out for the annual damsel hatch which should be getting going any day now. Keep an eye out for these along weed beds and along shorelines.

Flies That we Suggest: Black Momba Ant, Chironocone, Yankee Buzzer, Gilled Nymph, Comparadun, Para Adams, Wooly Bugger, Sheep Creek Special

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