Fly Fishing Report | Truckee River and area Stillwaters | late June 2021

Truckee River 

Flows on the river are at 260 CFS through the downtown gauge. We are really watching water temps as the river has been getting above 68 degrees by noon everyday. Fish can survive in water temperatures into the 70s, but not when stressed after being caught and released. Focus on the early morning bite or very late in the day. The trout will be in faster water feeding heavily before dropping back into the deeps when the water warms.

We have settled into our summer insect hatches. Pale Morning Duns are the most plentiful target in the watershed. Fishing a light too dark brown size #16 mayfly nymph will imitate these well. There are some Caddis in the system too so a size 14-16 pupa, like the G6 or OCD Caddis, will be effective as well. The star of the invertebrate world though is the Golden Stonefly, a good new pattern in the shop is the TJ Hooker . Fishing rubber legs and other stonefly posters in a size  #4-#8 should imitate these nicely. These flies are usually very heavy and will get you down in faster water, though I prefer to fish them in fast riffles and pocket water not very deep. 

Truckee River Flies We Suggest: Spanish Bullet, Assassin, Nemec Stone, Duracell, Pandemic May, Elk Hair Caddis, Carot, OCD Caddis, G6 Caddis, Truckee River Dozen

Local Still Waters

Our still waters have slowed down some as surface temps remain warm. Look for temperature drops, wind, and cloud cover to be the days you head out to our local still waters. Morning and late evenings will be most productive with some of reservoirs having the Hexagenia hatches just before dusk. Fish will be in deeper water so Indicators and sinking lines are needed except for the early morning and late evening hatches that are common. Callibaetis in size #12-#16 and Caddis in size 14 for dries and nymphs and pupa. Don’t shy away from midges as they are still present in the system even if they’re not as prolific as they are in the spring. Streamers and baitfish pattern activity will slow as the damsel flies begin their summer show most smaller species of fish will remain in shallow water as the trout go deep. 

Stillwater Flies We Suggest: Yankee BuzzerElk Hair CaddisParachute AdamsFlying AntPanty Dropper HopperRed Eye DamselCallibaetis nymph, Stillwater Dozen

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