Fly Fishing Report | Truckee River and area Stillwaters | early September 2020

Truckee River 

300 CFS today at the downtown gauge, but the big story is the water temps. After a couple weeks with air temps flirting with the 100 degree mark a drastic change this week with highs in the mid 70s to the mid 80s. The river has dropped sub 60 degrees to start the day for the first time in many weeks. 58 degrees this morning may shock these fish for a few hours, but they should get right back into feeding quickly. 

With the cooler temps look for active fish in the morning. There might be some chances at dry fly fishing before the sun rises. We have found rising fish in the slower moving water. As the sun rises fish will push back into their normal feeding lies in the faster water. 

Fly selection hasn’t changed much since our last report. Smaller flies #16 & #18 have been the most productive. I’ve been using soft hackle flies as we’re seeing a lot of small bait fish in the water and I believe the trout are keying into that. Let the flies swing just a bit at the end of your drift to target this food source. 

Looks like we are going to have an amazing fall!! I have spots on the guide calendar. Call the shop soon to grab a day on one of my favorite seasons on the Truckee River!

Flies we suggest: Carot, The Ticket, G6 Caddis, OCD Caddis, Nemec Stone, Masked Marauder, CDC Red Tag, Parachute Adams, Parachute Madam X, Perdigon, ID Theft, Sculpzilla, Weirs Sculpin

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Local Stillwaters

Lake fishing will really start to pick up as these temperatures drop. We’ve seen a good amount of morning activity recently. This will begin to extend later and later into the day as things continue to cool down. 

Midges under an indicator or naked style has still been most productive, but look for the damsel fly hatch and streamer fishing to pick up around those weed lines as we move farther into fall. Fish will be more and more active as the days get shorter and the fish look to put on some weight before the winter. 

Dry fly fishing in the morning with Callibaetis and Caddis flies has been good in bays with protection from wind. Afternoon hatches have been few and far between with higher water temps but just like everything else as we cool off that action will pick up as well. 

Flies we suggest: Parachute Adams, Gilled Nymph, Yankee Buzzer, Red Eye Damsel, Jigged Mini Leech

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