Fly Fishing Report | Truckee River and area stillwaters | early June

Jun 10, 2022 | FISHING REPORT, Reno Fly Shop, Stillwater, Truckee River

Truckee River 

The conditions on the Truckee River have changed a lot from our last report. Flows have dropped considerably and are holding steady around 600-650 cfs through the downtown gauge. We are seeing some spikes in flows and turbid water, but these are isolated events and the water clears quickly. Fishing seems to be best on the downward side of the graph. As the water recedes more obvious channel structure is taking shape. This concentrates the trout in more obvious locations and makes them a bit easier to target.

There are still a lot of bug varieties available, and during afternoon/overcast skies you can find dry fly action. Most of the fish are targeting mayflies on the surface in a size #12-14, but I’ve seen rises for caddis and little yellow sallies as well. As far as nymphing goes, the smaller stoneflies like the Masked Marauder are key. The Yellow Sallie Stonefly hatch is short but dense and the trout are looking for them. Searching nymphs in sizes #12-16 have been working too. 

Streamer fishing has been less predictable, but on most days it is worth a fish or two, and some days it’s the main food item they are looking for. I like to combine soft hackle nymphs with streamers as this smaller presentation can sometimes change a territorial strike into a feeding one. 

Truckee River Flies We Suggest: Perdigon red, Masked Marauder, Snowshoe Yellow Sallie, Jigged CDC PT, Assassin, Parachute Adams, Para Madam X, Psycho Mayfly, Prince Nymph, Truckee River Dozen

Local Stillwater 

Our local still waters are fishing very consistently. Fish are in shallow water in the early morning and late afternoons the fish will tend towards deeper water as the sun warms the surface, but they will probably not be deeper than 10 feet. Look for weed lines and fish parallel to them. It is suggested to use a float tube this time of year as the fish are going to begin moving into deeper water as we continue to get warmer days. Always remember, the trout will towards the lee side islands and points to hide from wind. This is crucial in being effective especially if you intend on throwing dries. 

Flies We Suggest: Red Eye Damsel, Mini Jig Leech, Elk Hair Caddis, Flying Ant, Gilled Nymph, Yankee Buzzer, Holo Midge Red/Brown and 49’er, Micro Booby Fly, Micro Beetle

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